Monday, January 3, 2011

The Measures He Will Go To

As I write today’s post, it is New Years day. My husband bought me a new Bible for Christmas. It is the One Year Chronological Bible and I have been looking forward to getting into this one because of how it is arranged. Yes, you read through the Bible in a year, so it won’t replace my study Bible, however, the scriptures are arranged chronologically in the order that they were written making it easier to see it all how it happened. Since it is New Year’s Day, it was time to start reading and I was excited to dig in and learn something new from God’s word.

Let me set the scene for you. It’s a Saturday morning, the house was miraculously quiet. I’m sitting in my favorite corner of the couch with my knees all bent up. My Diet Dr Pepper sitting on the table next to me. My journal, my Bible, and my pen are all sprawled out, the Bible on the arm of the couch and my journal and pen on my lap. Then to make things more perfect, the fireplace kicks on making it all the more cozy. I was just about to settle in for a feast from the Father……..

And I was interrupted.

Not by the kids.

Not by the telephone.

No – interrupted by my dog.

No, she wasn’t barking. She wasn’t whining. She didn’t need to go out. Just seconds earlier she had been snoozing over on her favorite spot on the couch, then, as if cued from some where, she gets up and moseys in my direction. I had just began my reading in my Bible as she steps up onto my leg, turns a few circles, as making a nest, and lays down. Yes – lays down, head and all, - right on top of my pen and journal just like they weren’t there. Now let me make something clear, not tooo many days ago my precious pooch was having some arthritis problems and wouldn’t even walk, much less climb upon my lap to lay uncomfortably upon my journal and pen. Now, I’m not saying my pooch was possessed by the enemy but I thought…..

The measures the devil will go to keep us from studying God’s word.


I gently, yet with pursed lips, moved my pooch from her perch and pressed on, as my oldest child cracked up, laughing hysterically at what had just happened.

The enemy does not want us to study God’s word, much less apply it, and will do whatever he can to keep us from knowing it, which fuels my fire to know it more. I believe God’s word is still alive and active and it is important that we know it, which brings me to my next topic –

Is anyone up for memorizing a few verses this year? I know I am. I was thinking on memorizing 2 per month, so that we can really learn them, not just cram them in only to forget them later like a high school history test!

If you are interested in memorizing a few scriptures with me to add to your arsenal against the enemy, please post a comment to let me know, or you can email me at .

Looking forward to LOTS of responses!

Happy New Year!

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. Too cool! I'm doing the same thing this year (going through the bible chronologically). Great minds think! Yes, I'd be up for some memorization. Count me in! Hope you have a blessed day, love you - Brittany

  2. In just a few weeks the Youth is going to go through the Bible as well. We aren't going through it Chronologically, but we have a reading plan to follow and weekly discussion questions for our small groups to go through.

    It may very well take us longer than a year, but I'm not concerned about that. Just the thought of a collective group going through His Word together this year is very exciting to me!

    I am anxiously anticipating what He is going to reveal to us through it, how we can know Him more, and be able to draw closer to Him.


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