Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Happy Day

Once upon a time there was a lovely little girl, we’ll say her name was “Brenna”. She loved to collect treasures which she stashed in her grotto. Her little grotto was situated snuggly in a corner section of her parent’s modest home. The more she collected, the smaller her little hide-a-way seemed to be.

One day, the little girl nervously approached her mother. She had something important to tell her mommy, but was fearful of the outcome. After much despair, she decided she simply could not utter the words she needed to speak to her sweet mother, so she searched for a pencil and paper to write her mom a note.

She scratched the words “I don’t know where my ipod is.” down upon the small wrinkled piece of scrap. She folded the paper, took it to her mother and quickly stepped away before mother could open the note. Of course, mother was quite upset to read the note since the ipod had been a Christmas gift and it was only January 9th.

Well, as you probably know, Mother had to share this information with Father in hopes that he had seen the missing device somewhere, but much to Brenna’s despair, Father had not seen it. She knew this was not good.

Father and Mother joined forces and approached the little grotto to begin looking for the treasure, but could not walk through the grotto because of all of the wonderful little treasures scattered to and fro. As they waded through the mess, their search was not appearing very fruitful.

The longer they searched, the more angry Mother and Father became until Mother lost every bit of patience within her and shouted, “Brenna this grotto is a wreck. Saturday I am coming in here with garbage bags and I will find the ipod, but I am getting rid of all of this junk!”

Father echoed, “Yes, Brenna! This is terrible! You ought to be ashamed!”

“I know!” she cried as she buried her head in her hands, the tears beginning to flow.

The precious little girl collapsed in despair clinging to her sweet mother. “No, Momma, please don’t throw it all away!...... No!.......No!”

Several days passed, and the time came for the declutterization of the little hide-a-way, Mother crossed the threshold with trash bags in hand. The little girl knew deep down inside that much of the mess needed to go, but the mere thought of parting with any of it, brought her to tears.

With each piece Mother picked up, the little girl pled her case to keep the treasure, but Mother knew that things could not stay the same. Mother knew what was best for the little girl. She even tried to explain to her that we shouldn’t store up treasures on earth, but treasures in Heaven instead.

All that Mother explained was met with the daughter’s exception, “but—”, however, Mother stood firm, repeating, “No, it has to go,” as she removed each treasure from the room. Often the little girl would be feel so strongly about one of her treasures that she would bargain with her mother about giving something else up in it’s place, but Mother was much too wise for that.

The grotto decluttering was painful for the little girl, and she was certain she would not survive it, but once it was complete, she saw her little hide-a-way all nice and neat. She then could see that those things she felt to be treasures really weren’t as precious as she once thought. Several very full garbage bags later, she then could enjoy the real treasures that Mother had left behind in her little grotto. She jumped across her little hopscotch rug that she hadn’t seen for weeks, she played with her baby dolls, she found treasures within her room that had long been forgotten.

And it was a happy day.

My sister, is there some decluttering that needs to take place within your heart? Is there too much stuff in there? Are there some things you know your Father says have to go? Are you pleading your case as to why you need to keep each one? Has He shown you something that needs to go, yet you’ve begged to give away something else instead just to keep it?

Take some advice from the little girl, listen to Him, those things aren’t really worth keeping. You will survive, and you will see the real treasures He leaves behind when He’s done.

And it will be a happy day.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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