Friday, January 14, 2011

Reaching For Grace

Ok - please tell me I am not the only ungraceful one who sometimes falls. Surely I'm not. When my family gets together for a birthday, my mom and my sisters for some reason do not allow me to transport the cake from the kitchen to the dining room. I cannot understand why. I’m sure it has nothing to do with my falling with the birthday cake on more than one occasion. Don’t you think they’re overreacting just a tad? Smiles.

Or picture this, a scrawny girl of about 11 or 12, atop this ginormous, ugly, brown, men’s bicycle. We’re talking huge bike - all decked out with a white metal dish drainer attached to the handle bars as a basket and the big silver fenders that rubbed the tires. It reminded me of the bicycle the wicked witch rode in Wizard of Oz. Seriously ugly. Seriously tall. Now – let me plead my case with you about something - The dish drainer aka “basket” – I DID NOT install it. It came with the bike and there was no removing it. I was not proud to ride this hideous contraption to the corner store when my mom sent me for milk or bread but I did. Not cool. I would hang my grocery bag off the side of the handle bars because I REFUSED to use that drainer/basket.

Did I mention how TALL that bike was??  Just making sure because I can tell you from experience, it was quite a ways from the ground when I would fall off of it.

Now let’s travel to circa 1989-1990, white roller skates, hot pink wheels, hot pink laces, topped off with a hot pink fuzzy pom pom on each one. Blaring across a sound system is Kool and the Gang with Cel-A-Brate Good Times – Come On- du du du du du du du du yahoo…… Strobe light spinning. I’m having a grand ole time until, well, let’s just say that my over abundance of“gracefulness” kicks in, and I find myself in a slow motion fall to the hard floor.

Are you there with me?

What naturally happens when we start to fall?

We instinctively reach our hands out to grab something that can save us or break our fall.

It’s no coincidence that our Maker created us reach out when we fall.

He knew we would fall both physically and spiritually and He designed us to reach.

Reach for safety.

Reach for Him.

Don’t fear when you begin to fall, “For I am the Lord your God, who upholds your right hand, who says to you, ‘Do not fear, I will help you.” (Isaiah 41:13) He’s right there ready to help break your fall.

No matter where you are in life, hold on to Him so that you don’t fall, and if for some reason you do begin to slip, do what comes naturally, and throw those arms out and reach for Him.

Your right hand supports me; your help has made me great. You have made a wide path for my feet to keep them from slipping.
Psalms 18:35-36

Are there any fellow "fallers" out there?  Please tell me I'm not the only one!

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. In Oct. 2006 I lost my 27 year old son. And in Sep. 2008 I lost my 20 year son. And falling I was! Reaching out is what I did to the only one that could not only break my fall but pick me up and put me back on my feet.Because of all his mercy and grace I am still on my feet today. Sometimes I stumble when I start thinking of my lose,that is when I quickly remember where my strenght comes from. I give God all the glory and praise!!! F.B.


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