Monday, January 17, 2011

Does Anybody See Me?

Do you ever feel overlooked? Overlooked at home, despite the things you do for your family? Overlooked at work, feeling unappreciated for your efforts? Overlooked by friends when you really need a shoulder?

Or – this is a tough one – overlooked by God?

It is so easy to feel overlooked in the hustle and bustle world in which we live. Often life can seem so unfair. I’m sure many of you have felt the same as I have numerous times – you look around and see others whose lives seem so easy. Good jobs seem to fall in their laps, their children seem to be clipped right out of a suburbia magazine, they have nicer homes, nicer cars. Maybe “she” even gets to stay at home with her family, but you don’t. Maybe “her” husband helps with the kids. Maybe “her” husband enjoys worshipping with her. If we look around at this aspect of life, the list can just keep going.

If we aren’t careful, we can find ourselves feeling cheated and left out, and it is easy to begin to question God about why life is so “easy” for “so-and-so” and not so easy for me. We can begin to feel overlooked by everyone, even God.

Let me tell you about someone who found out during very difficult times that she was not at all overlooked.

We all know the story of Abraham and Sarai (later known as Sarah) and their inability to have children. (If you would like to refresh yourself on this story, you can find it in Genesis 15 &16.) God had promised a son to Abraham and Sarai, but they became impatient waiting on God and took matters into their own hands. Sarai proposed to Abraham that he have a child with Sarai’s servant Hagar since they had not had a child of their own. Abraham agreed and after Hagar found out she was pregnant, the cat fighting began!

Hagar didn’t like Sarai anymore and the feeling was mutual! Things escalated between them until Hagar could no longer tolerate the situation and she ran away.

To a wilderness.

And God met up with her there in the wilderness.

Hagar and God had a little talk about the situation and after their talk she decided to return home, but not before she realized something about God. She told Him in 16:13

You are the God who sees me.

My blessed sisters, He sees you too.

God sees you. Even in your pain and hurting. Even when you run away, He sees you.

Even in the wilderness.

I wonder if Hagar ran away because she felt unnoticed. I wonder if she felt that once the baby was born, she would go right back to her unseen servant life, unimportant to them even though she had given them life. She probably felt very used, but after God comforted her in the wilderness, she knew that despite her situation, God saw her.

He saw her pain.

He saw her loneliness.

And that was enough for her to return to the life she knew.

You, my sister, are never overlooked by Him.

What comfort it is to know that You see me. Your vision is not bad, You don’t have to squint to make out the situation. No one has to fill You in. You don’t have to be debriefed. It is very clear to You what is going on in every second of my day, You see it all. Father, may we find great comfort in knowing that You see. May that be enough for us to return to our appointed places each day and continue on when things seem unfair and difficult.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. This so applies to me today. I know in my heart that God is with me, but when life seems so unfair, I tend to wonder why God has not heard my prayers or answered them. Thanks so much for your insightful spirit!


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