Friday, January 28, 2011

An Helping Hand

I was so tired. It had been a long day, bedtime had arrived, and my body knew it. It was one of those times I was just too tired to get up and go to my bed. “I’m too tired to go to bed,” I whined.

In a brief moment, there stood my daughter in front of me, smiling with outstretched hand, “Come on, Mommy, I’ll help you up.”

Feeling quite ridiculous, I declined her offer “No, I can do it, just give me a minute, but thank you.”

“Okay…” she said with a hint of doubt in her voice as she turned to walk down the hall.

After a few minutes, I managed to muster enough something, I’m not sure what, to pull myself up from my cozy corner on the couch, turn off my lamp, and head to my room, but the thought of her outstretched hand has stayed with me all week.

How many times do we find ourselves so weary that we can’t even rest?

How often are we so weary that we end up settling and staying in the same spot, a spot that won’t offer the rest we need?

My couch wasn’t going to give me the rest I needed, I knew that I needed to be in bed, and that I would feel better if I was there, I just wouldn’t do it. I didn’t want to fight the stiff joints when I stood, I didn’t want to get cold if I got up from my cozy spot, and I just didn’t want to do what it took to get ready for bed. Silly, I know. It’s so awful to have clean, comfortable pajamas to put on, and it’s such a hassle to have healthy teeth to brush, and it was too much trouble to get ready for bed….Blah Blah Blah.

Do you ever find yourself that way spiritually? I do. I know what will rest my soul. I know what will make me new so that I can face tomorrow, but I just am too lazy or too stubborn sometimes to take that outstretched hand to help me up from where I am.

With a mighty hand and outstretched arm,
His love endures forever.
Psalms 136:12

When we are weary, when we need rest, He stands there in front of each one of us, saying, “Come on, I will help you up,” as His hand stretches out to you and a smile dances across His face.

Take it.

Take the outstretched hand.

He wants to lead you to your place of rest.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. What a beautiful devotion, Amy. I can completely relate to being too weary to rest properly, both physically and spiritually. Always, I then regret later what I didn't do even though in my heart I knew it needed to be done.

    Beautiful analogy about the outstretched arm for help. I hope that picture stays with me for a long time!


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