Thursday, January 27, 2011

In Just A Moment

Yesterday morning as I drove into work, the blanket of snow was breathtaking in some places. As I came to the end of my little country lane, directly ahead of me God had painted the most beautiful picture.
There was a white fence, bare trees heavily dusted with snow framing the scene and in the near distance was a wooded area. The white powder perfectly poured over just the right places, and then as I brought my car to a stop, a beautiful black horse slowly walked through the scene, his dark coat making the white whiter. It looked like one of those pictures you see on a puzzle box, and as I took it in, I knew that my favorite Artist had been playing with his paints and brushes again. It was a bright spot in my day.

I drove on to work, assumed my post, and glanced out the window at the snow topped roofs, sprinkled trees, and parking lots glossy with ice before I settled in to get busy. It was the last thought I had of the snow until a few hours later when I noticed the sun was shining. With my attention captured by the sunlight, I looked out, and to my surprise, there was no longer snow on the roof tops, the glassy lots no longer glassy, and the trees were back to their shade of winter brown. It had seemed that only moments earlier our part of Earth was covered in a winter blanket, but now the blanket had disappeared just as quickly as it came.

Isn’t it amazing what can change in mere moments?

In just a moment the snow vanished.

In just a moment the Savior of the world was born…..

In just a moment He gave sight to the blind….

In just a moment He raised the dead….

In just a moment He breathed His last breath….

In just a moment He took away all of your sin…. All of them.

…..And in just a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, He will burst forth from Heaven to sweep you up in His arms, never to let you go…….

In just a moment.

Our lives are made up of moments. He spent His moments well, how will you spend yours?

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. love this! I was talking to one of my dear friends yesterday about how we spend our time...well, she was talking to me, and I was agreeing with her...She is taking such great strides to orchestrate her life into one where God is her only focus, and the distractions, and discouragements are weeded out. I am being spoken to and challenged by her, and again with this post. Yes. God. I hear you!


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