Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How's the Battle?

Well, we’re at the halfway point in our first Godsword… and I’m ready to weigh in to my fellow Warrior Princesses.

Here’s my attempt, straight from memory, you can check me on it-

The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent. Exodus 14:14.

Woo hooo! Do I hear cheering???? Do I see confetti and flashing lights????

I was excited to see Brittany posted a comment yesterday to let us know she has it memorized (psst - I added her name to the list on the Warrior Princess page!), how is it coming along for the rest of you?

Scripture memory is a wonderful thing, but we must do more than just “know” a verse, we have to know how and when to use it. With that said, I want to get some feedback from you warrior princesses today as to how this verse can be used as a weapon against the enemy in your life.

For me, I can use these verse to defeat that helpless, out of control, defenseless feeling that the enemy uses to overtake and upset me when someone has hurt or criticized me or my family. In those moments of hurt, everything inside of me wants to call the person up to defend myself, or question the offender with the “why’s” so that we can get to the bottom of the problem at hand. Not so oddly enough, my hastily running to someone else has never proven to have a positive outcome, so I am working on letting God fight for me. If He is doing the fighting, I don’t always have to be on the defensive ready to fight so many battles. Most of those battles, when you get down to it, really aren’t as much about me as they are about a bigger issue. Many times I just happened to be in the line of fire. If He can take care of all of the Israelites in the face of the Egyptian army with this verse, He can take care of me just fine.

So what’s your take on applying this verse to your life? What situations does it apply to?

Remember, we don’t want to offend or hurt anyone, so if you have a situation that you want to refer to in your comment, please be very general in your statements in order to keep the situation private and not do any damage to God’s Kingdom.

Looking forward to hearing from you, your ideas can give the rest of us more ways to use this verse, and soon it just might become like that go to knife we all have in our kitchen drawer!

Anybody feel like Xena yet?


Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. I agree with what you said in just keeping silent when someone says something hurtful...especially in regards to my children. I think it also has been applied in my life in not making something happen, whether a job, or a ministry opportunity, or even daily task, God does the fighting. I just keep silent, seeking Him only. Joy Unspeakable comes from the contentment He gives during difficult times, when we're looking to Him for our everything, and not to our own strength and power.

  2. I have the memory verse too...What I think is really funny is when I read the verse last week, I turned told all the people in my office including the owner of my company what the verse said. Just Monday he told me to "refer to my verse", I guess I was not in total agreement with the solution to a problem we were discussing. The funniest part of this is he is not a Christian but my coworkers and I are praying for him and we can tell his heart is being softened. So, not only have I memorized my verse but some of the people I work with have also. Just because they want to use it on me doesn't matter, they too are memorizing God's Word. Funny how things happen huh?

  3. Ha! I love that Mitzi - you go girl! I can see your head shaken and your finger! Brittany

  4. Mitzi - you are so cracking me up with that! That is multitasking at its best! HAHA

  5. From memory... "The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent." Exodus 14:14. I can't tell you what that verse has meant to me these last couple of weeks. It has been reverberating throughout my mind like a drumbeat. It gives me permission to pause before I open my mouth to consider the source of my response and to sometimes, even KEEP silent. I am sure this first Godsword was just for me! ( : I have also passed it along and its impact to my girls. After hearing details of some bullying sisters at their daycare, I offered them this verse for their consideration. To my amazement, my youngest thanked me later that night for teaching her a different approach. It was a beautiful segway of how God has a whole Bible full of teaching moments for all of us. I also expressed to her how this verse taught me something new too.

    Thanks for this effort, Amy! The more of God's word in, the more of the world out.


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