Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Unexpected Delight

Girls, I know your days are difficult, sometimes very difficult, and it’s hard to find hope in the midst of your circumstances. I can say that because I am often there too. There are days when my shoulders slump and my head drops as I say, “Lord, why?”

“Why did that have to happen?”

“Why did they treat me that way?”

“I try so hard to live for You, but it seems to get harder everyday. Why?”

“Why can’t You just change this for me? Take me out of this situation, change these circumstances, soften their hearts. Why?”

Then He, in His gentle way, pats my heart and says to my spirit, “Because.”

And then I remember His plan is more important than my preference.

Sometimes when we look around us, it looks as if nothing is right and nothing is going to go right anytime in the near future. There is no hope to bloom anytime soon.

I was driving down the road I grew up on a few days ago and I approached one end of it, and end that is not visually appealing. Once you pass all of the homes and signs of life, you enter into a bottom-land that twists and turns. Deep ditches and spindly trees line the roadside, and often there are traces of abandoned animals and unwanted junk cast aside in those deep ditches. Very unattractive scenery, it sets a bit of gloom within my heart as I drive through that stretch of road. Partly because of the scenery, and partly because of the accidents and loss of life that come to mind as I travel those couple of miles. But this time God showed me something different amongst the gloom.

Every spring without fail, amid the deep ditches, spindly trees, unwanted animals, and tossed away junk, daffodils bloom. As my eyes saw those beautiful flowers this spring planted among not-so-beautiful surroundings, my heart smiled with joy, then He whispered to me.

You may not understand the circumstances of your life, but trust Me. To someone else you just may be the flower that blooms in the most unexpected place. It’s the lack of beauty around those daffodils that make those that pass appreciate its blooms and enjoy its beauty.

My friends, you may be in a difficult place. Maybe a work environment that’s not so positive, maybe a marriage that is difficult. You may endure ridicule. You may feel lonely and isolated, but to someone who is traveling through, you could be that unexpected bloom rising up that gives them joy to travel one more mile.

I will never see a single cluster of flowers standing beautifully in a vast field or an unexpected bloom on the roadside the same way again. They offer such unexpected delight.

Some of you precious women have been one of those blooms to me. You have brought me joy and encouraged me greatly as I have traveled by your lives. I just want you to know your beauty is admired and appreciated. Your lives have brought unexpected delight.

I challenge you as spring unfolds and even through the summer to watch for those single unexpected blooms along the fields and roadsides. When you see one, remember that you may be that very bloom. And by the way, when you see one, let me know. We can watch for them together.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. As my grandson and I were waiting for the bus this morning, I noticed that the daffodils that my mother planted years ago had bloomed. My six year old grandson said, Oh Nana, which one do you like best? I said they are all so beautiful that I can't make up my mind. What beautiful flowers our God has given us to see after a long dreary winter. Thank you Lord for your tiny, beautiful blessings!

  2. Thank you for the reminder of God's Blessing thru everyday sightings. Thank you God for giving us eyes to see all your Blessings. I can recall what my son told me when he was around 5 yrs.old.(now 50+) I reached down and picked one of those pretty daffodils on one of our nature walks--he questioned me "why did I do that?" -cause it's so pretty. His words were to me "but mama you killed it." His words have stuck with me all these years. He was right--- out of the mouth of babes.....

  3. Chad & I have had a little "joke" between us. He loves to get out the weed killer and kill all the little yellow & purple flowers that grow up in our yard. I've always asked him, "God made those flowers too, who gets to decide that they are not suppose to be in our yard?" Then, yesterday before school, Dawson came running into the house so excited....."MOMMA! You have to come see this it's so beautiful!" I went out to see what it was and you guessed it.....our yard was full of little wild purple flowers. That afternoon Chad said he was going to mow :( Yep! I knew that meant that Dawson was going to be very upset. I explained to Chad what had happened that morning. He mowed, but we have a beautiful patch of purple wild flowers still in our yard!
    - Brittany

  4. Ok I'll try this again....lol
    Gods timing is so perfect. every year at this time as I go out& begin to clean my flower beds, God joins me. Yep! as my back, knees,well before I'm done my whole body hurts.
    HE reminds me of the great pain & suffing he endured & the died just for me, so that I could have a new life in him. Well if thats not enough, as I pull those rentless weeds! he reminds of my spiritual weeds that need pulling as well. As the summer wears on, as does our life, those darn weeds just keep coming back. I see these as loving reminders that I to must stay on top of my spirital weeds almost daily or they will kill out all that God intended for me. Yes even though its unpleasant to pull those weeds, Its always a pleasure to spent that time in the presence of God. He Cleans me up so that his beauty will be able to bloom in my life & that of others
    Be blessed as you pull your weeds! Vicki


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