Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Testify Tuesday

Ok girls, my Testify Tuesday story my frighten you just a tad, but I must share it, so brace yourselves....Here goes....


Yes, stalked.

By Hosea 10:12.

And it is NOT funny.

The words, phrases, and principles from this verse have been present on my mind often since it became our Godsword and I'll just say, there have been times it has been difficult for my stiff neck to live by. Truthfully, I didn't want to memorize it because I didn't want to do it!  If you remember, I even mentioned last week that "righteous seeds" are hard to come by sometimes, and to be honest, there were times where I just didn't search too hard for one and settled for an unrighteous seed instead. There has been alot on my heart and mind and I have been weary of the ways of this world lately and the unrighteous seeds have been making themselves quite available.

Rest assured though, the Holy Spirit was not sleeping on the job. He was puttin' in some overtime and was probably telling God that He shouldn't have created such a strong-willed daughter! I think if He had been able to, He would have taken my hand and forced me to pick up the right seed just like you would make a toddler do when the child is refusing to do something! I remember taking my children's hand, reaching it to object, molding their little hands around it, all the while saying, "You are going to pick it up!"

He was plowing ground faster than I could cover it up though, and as the days stretched on last week, my heart became more receptive to sowing righteous seeds. He spoke to me through situations with other people, He spoke to me through the down pours of rain, beckoning me to come and stand beneath His shower of righteousness on Thursday, but Friday, He put the icing on the cake.

I had left the office during lunch and as I was driving back toward work, I passed a garden and landscaping business and what else was on the sign but this little phrase, and I knew exactly Who put it there:


I can't even run an errand on my lunch break without being followed by these words! He's stalking me. Can't a girl get a break?

All jokes aside, He's got my attention, and my neck is not quite as stiff as it was this time last week.

Praise be to God for His unspeakable gifts, even on unexpected marquees.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. God is SO amazing at making things obvious to us :) Whitt and I pray scripture over our years on New Years, instead of make resolutions or what not, Every year, the verse(s) He gives us are noticed over, and over, and pushed deeper and deeper into our spirits...I say every year as if we've done it for decades...but really this is just year 3...But I am in awe of the reality of His words more and more each time He puts a "marquee" in front of our path.

    However that wasn't my testimony for this Tuesday! Im having a hard time picking one to put on here, God seems to be showing off in our lives right now, and I couldn't be more excited! A few weeks ago, I started going thru the study "Believing God" and in the first day or two in the study part of it, the question was asked what my primary hang up with the faith principles learned...and I responded in my blank "How" basically How you could discern from selfishness, to what God really wanted, because my prayers are usually "God whatever you want, just make my heart ok with it" basically saying "God just change my heart so whatever you want doesnt hurt so bad" kinda prayers...I wanted to know the difference between praying for what was clear in scripture and being confident in that, and what was on my heart that wasnt so black and white...I struggled over this. and time went by and life was still going on as I was waiting for God to answer my "How" questions...few studies farther. God showed me. Faith is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Its not me...Its nothing I can control, its nothing I can figure out how to master...I was taking my eyes off of God, who Fills me with faith (among so many other fruits!) and putting it back on myself (Pride...here it is again!) The more My life is just focused on Christ...the More Gods personality, which is in me already via the Holy Spirit, the More I will know the "Hows" PHEW!!! LOAD OFF CAMILLIA MADDEN! God is so amazing, so Fantastic and gracious. I dont have to do squat. I just have to focus on Him, not a millimeter to the right or left. He will make it happen. Im so thankful He is showing us, reveling to us in His scripture these things over and over and over. Little by little this strong willed daughter of His is being transformed from a Control freak to a Trusting Daughter. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing, Camillia. Believing God. God used that study to change me ALOT. Wouldn't hurt for me to do it again, but I'm not sure I would survive! HA!


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