Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Testify Tuesday

We were in for a treat Sunday evening with Dallas Holm in our service, and it was an awe-inspiring time for us. What an anointed man of God we witnessed as he shared both in song and from his heart.
 Todd and I were chatting about the service as we drove home and both agreed that we loved to hear what he had to say as much as we loved his music. As he was speaking, He mentioned a scripture that I have heard many times; however, I never really stopped and thought about the words together and what they actually meant. There was and is so much power in the verse He quoted. As Dallas shared about our overcoming the enemy and how we do that, he reminded us of Revelation 12:11 which says:

And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony....t

Who doesn't want advice on overcoming the one who is after our very souls?

We conquer the enemy first by the blood of Jesus applied to our life and second by communicating to others what we have witnessed from God. That kills two birds with one stone, so to speak, not only are we defeating the enemy by testifying of our Great God, but we are spreading the Good News at the same time!

Once we are His, all we have to do is talk about His goodness and we overcome! Hallelujah!

I challenge you and I challenge myself, the next time we are feeling overwhelmed, defeated, and find ourselves walking around "in a funk", let's commit to telling somebody - somewhere - something about the ONE we serve and see what happens!

With that said, let's do a some beatin' up on the enemy today by telling each other how Magnificent our God is and about how precious the blood of Jesus is.

Oh, precious is the flow, that makes me white as snow, No other fount I know, nothing but the blood of Jesus....(yes, I'm singing!)

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. It always seems that loving friends come into my life just when I need them---- for that I am so very Thankful. Thank you for being my friend in Jesus....


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