Saturday, March 19, 2011

Because of One Word

Why She Speaks this year?

Because of one word…


I want...

more of Him...

to give Him more...

I want more of Him for them.

I want them to want more of Him. I want them to know more about Him, about how much He loves them specifically. There is a pull within me to give them The Answer to their hearts’ questions, a drive that pushes me to let them know the answer is Him.

In every situation.

I want them to realize their significance in His eyes.

The beauty that He looks upon when He looks at them.

I want them to know a life free from striving, a life that rests in His arms, a heart and mind at peace with who they are because of Who they belong to instead of a life of being daily overwhelmed and void of hope.

As I lead small group studies in my home and work in women’s ministry, time and time again women are amazed to find out that they are not alone. I can see the sense of relief wash over them when they realize they aren’t the “only one” as they compare stories and struggles. Can you imagine the power of God to be displayed if all of His girls truly connected?

No competing, just allowing Jesus to do our completing.

Dropping our guard enough to walk hand in hand as we do daily battle in this life together. Connecting to reveal the lie the enemy has used on God’s girls for a long time and been very effective with. Over and over he’s whispered the question in our hearts “if they knew the real you…..” leaving us feeling insignificant and worthless. What freedom we could experience by coming to a place where we realize that none of us really “have it all together”.

When we do that, we, as women, would be a force to be reckoned with for the Glory of God!

She Speaks is a conference by Proverbs 31 Ministries that is designed to equip women who are called to speak, to write, or to lead other women.  Registration is now open and more information can be found here.
If you are in the least bit considering being a part of this wonderful conference, I cannot encourage you enough.  I attended She Speaks last year wrote about what I experienced at this post Right Where I'm Supposed to Be .  I am entering a scholarship contest offered here in hopes of attending again this year.  Many thanks to Renee Swope of Proverbs 31 and to author Cecil Murphey for generously offering this opportunity for women who might otherwise only dream of attending. 

If God is nudging you to go, please listen.
You won't be sorry.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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