Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Old Home Remedy for the Heart

My daughter has an infected finger. I have nursed and babied this little finger for two weeks now. Some days it seems a little better, but then some days, it seems we lose ground. It’s swollen, red, painful, and looks a little angry.

We’ve tried the old standbys, washing several times a day with antibacterial soap, peroxide, warm compresses, antibiotic ointment, and on and on. Well, tonight I waged war on it and decided to pull out the big gun - Epsom Salt. Why I didn’t think of this old remedy sooner, I don’t know. Once I decided to take matters into my own hands, I loaded her in the car and we drove to the Dollar Store in our little town (town seems like an exaggeration, but oh well, it fits), we trekked inside to the first aid section, scanned the shelves only to find an empty section with a sticker that said “Epsom Salt”.

“Errrrrrrrr!” I grumbled inside.

“Hmm, what now?” I thought. It suddenly became a quest. I knew the answer to our problem, but couldn’t get my hands on it. I hopped back in my car and first called my sister, nope she didn’t have any, then I called my sister-in-law, none there either. I decided that I would stop by my parents’ house. My daddy thinks Epsom Salt is the cure- all for everything, so I thought surely they would have some. No one was home, but I helped myself to the medicine cabinet anyway, and there it sat, pretty as a picture, a new unopened box of Epsom Salt. I snatched it up, left them a note, and headed on my way.

For years and years people have used Epsom Salt to treat a plethora of things, including infected fingers! It works by drawing out the infection. As she sat there soaking her finger, I thought, “That’s what I have to do with my heart and my mind”

I have to seek out the medicine to soak in.

A medicine to draw out the impurities and infections that have settled inside so that it can heal.

He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from destruction. Psalms 107:20

His Word can be the Epsom Salt my heart needs drawing out the impurities and infections that have taken up residence, rescuing me from destruction.

....Just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her that He might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word. Ephesians 5:25-26

Jesus wants to cleanse our infected hearts, He’s got His word prepared for us to soak in. Yeah, it might sting a little at first, but the longer we soak there, the more spiritually healthy we will become.

Let’s recap:

First, we have to quit trying all the other remedies. They won’t work. We have to remember that His word is the Epsom Salt for our heart. It may be the old school remedy, but it works every time.

Second, what we need to learn from His word might not just be sitting right there on the shelf when we look, much like the empty store shelf I encountered. We might have to search for the truth He wants to reveal like Jeremiah 29:13 says, you will find Him when you search for Him with all of your heart. Just because the shelf is empty, we can’t give up seeking out what His word has to say about our situation.

Then last, once we get our hands or minds around what that word says, we have to soak there for a bit. Epsom Salt doesn’t heal anything while its in the box! We have to renew our minds to be transformed, and that, my sisters, might take some time. We have to give those words a chance to move from our heads to our hearts. Brenna said it felt funny for her finger to soak in the salt water, and we might feel funny at first too as He draws the infection from us, but He will never fail in His healing power if we stay immersed in His will.

Soak up His Word.

Let Him heal you.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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