Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's All In The Application Part 2

If you didn’t catch the first part of this post, click here and I’ll bring you up to speed. For those of you who did catch it, let’s take the concept in a different direction today.

We talked about how our “makeup kit” is intended to make us beautiful, but is absolutely useless in doing so if we don’t apply the products. Our spiritual makeup kit is made up of the tools God has given us through scripture, life experiences, etc. God can use these things to take us from blah to vavoom!

Leaving those beauty products in the bag and never using them is such a waste, but on the other hand, over application can be a waste too.

Do I mean that we can over apply God to our lives?

Absolutely not. He is to be the center of everything.

But – if not applied correctly, our makeup can make us look worse sometimes!

My Daddy was the makeup police when I was a teenager. If he didn’t like the amount of makeup my sisters or I put on, he was quick to tell us to go wash our face. (And it wasn’t in a very nice tone, if you know what I mean!) He was even quick to tell me if he saw one of my friends somewhere and he thought they had too much make up on to suit him! One time he even decided that one of my friends had too much makeup on by simply passing her in her car on the road! He was probably going at least 60 miles an hour, so I don’t have a clue how he could have really seen it, but he was sure to tell me about it when he got home!

We’ve all seen bad makeup jobs, you know – the one’s that are taken over the top - to the extreme, and those faces are much more distracting than they are pretty. You never see the beautiful woman God created because your mind can get past the falsies dragging across the lenses of her glasses in front of you.

What do I mean by all of this?

We have all kinds of spiritual beauty products at our disposal, but we have to be careful how we use them so that we don’t distract someone from the Kingdom instead of draw them closer. We want to be genuine and loving in our approach to others, not self-righteous, or condescending. We can’t allow what we learn about God or experiences with Him to become the rule we measure others by. We have to be careful not to have a critical spirit towards them, but try to walk a mile in their shoes instead.

If we apply just the right amount of grace and kindness, then my friends, they will be lost in the beauty that God has made from us. They will be captivated and not sidetracked by a mess caked on in layers. That caked on mess does nothing but hide the real us, leaving them distracted and confused.

They need to see that we understand them, we know exactly where they are coming from, and that we love them despite where they are.

To this day, if it is a special occasion that I wear more makeup than normal, I am very careful to ask myself what my Daddy would think before I leave the house. Maybe we should do the same in a spiritual sense….

Just a thought.

Is there lipstick on my teeth?

Thanks – only a real friend will tell you stuff like that!

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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