Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Sissy In The Kitchen

It was on ordinary evening, well maybe not so ordinary, since I was actually at home cooking dinner for my family and not running myself ragged with evening commitments. Maybe I should say it was an “extraordinary” evening since I actually had the opportunity to be at home to cook dinner! Either way I describe it, I stood in front of my stove and had the main dish all prepared except for the final touch – dumplings.

Yes, I was making chicken and dumplings, and my taste buds were telling me they were going to be scrumptious. My family loves it, and rumor has it my mother ate a whole pan of chicken and dumplings either the day before or the day of my birth, explaining my naturally affinity for this wonderful comfort food.

Now, before I confuse you and lead you to believe I am some sort of kitchen maven, hear me loud and clear – I am not. No – I do not roll out my dumplings from scratch, my dumplings come in a can – a can of biscuits. Don’t laugh, that’s what my momma taught me, and that’s how I like it. Paula Deen says you can never go wrong with a can of biscuits in a recipe, and I agree!

Now back to my stove – I stirred my creamy pot of simmering chicken, tasted for seasonings, and decided it was time for my little dumplings to take a swim! I picked up my can of biscuits and began to slowly peel off the paper as I felt a smidge of apprehension build within. As the last piece of paper pulled from the surface, I breathed a sigh of relief, and then began preparing myself for the next brave move. I nervously positioned the can in my left hand, and with brute force pressed my right thumb into the seam running along the can of biscuits, and IT HAPPENED……..


The can popped open and I did not die from it.

Isn’t that silly? Please tell me I am not the only sissy who turns her head as she opens a harmless can of biscuits…

The Holy Spirit did a little stirring within me as I stirred my dumplings into my chicken.

Why are you so full of apprehension over a can of biscuits popping, but so nonchalant about my return? Both happen in the blink of an eye…

I had to agree with Him. I go through the mundaneness of the everyday and sadly some days neglect to think about His return even once. Oh, sure, there are those days where I long for His return, but then there are the other days when it never crosses my mind. I should be expectant. I should be watching the eastern sky. I know without a doubth that can of biscuits is gonna pop and I also know He’s coming back. Now which one is more important for me to be apprehensive about?

I don’t say “apprehensive” because I am afraid to meet Him, but I want to be ready when the sky pops open, and it will happen ---

…… the blink of an eye.(1 Cor 15:52)

Just a thought for you blessed sisters as you’re in your kitchens today.

And by the way – guess what happens when I hear that pop from a can of biscuits?

I blink!

So fast, I don’t realize I’ve done it.

That’s how fast He’s coming……we’d better be ready.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. one thing is for sure now--- everytime I see or hear a can of biscuits 'poppin' open I will think about His Return 'in a blink of an eye.' Thank you for instilling that picture in my mind. Probably whenever I am standing at the grocery and even looking at the numerous cans of biscuits- I will have that image in my mind. Thank you and God Bless you in your Walk with HIM. peggy

  2. I am PETRIFIED of the opening of biscuits...I jump, my heart races. You're not alone. no...but goodness what a perspective!


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