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Two questions Todd and I heard often from our little McKayla when she was a toddler. I can still her her sweet little jumbled voice in my mind. To be honest, we tried to avoid situations that would cause her to ask her version of “who’s that?” and “what’s that?” because once she started, there was no quieting her questions.

We especially cringed when she would start in with Whoooozzaaaattt???? because whooozzaaatt was usually accompanied by her pointing her finger at a total stranger and the child had complete disregard for discreteness. If we did not answer quickly, she just asked louder and became more determined to prompt a reply from us.

Then there was waaaaazzatt?. Waaaazzatt usually followed the slightest noise or something out of the ordinary catching her eye. You could almost bet she would begin her next question answer session anytime she noticed something new.

Then we got into the “why?” stage --- Can I just say the phrases “I don’t know,” and “just because” became my best friends? I’m sure you know where I’m coming from. To be honest, sometimes when she would start in with her “whys”, I truthfully didn’t know the answer and didn’t feel I had the time or energy to try to figure it out. Thus, “just because” became my go to reply.

At the time, it quickly got old, and we would tire easily of her incessant question asking, but looking back now, it was a very sweet time. Her little mind was learning many new things everyday. Each new dawn was full of discovery for her eyes, her ears, and her parents too! As she’s growing up, I am so glad she asks questions. Sometimes I get tired of answering them, but I’m glad her mind is engaged enough to think about things.

I can’t say I was always the same way, but over the past few years, I have become more of a question asker. Mainly asking questions of myself and of God about matters of my heart, about stories in scripture, and just how vast He is.

I tell you this to encourage you to have some whoooooozzaaattt and waaazzatt times with God. Unlike Todd and I, He will never grow weary of your asking. He will never be embarrassed by your question or the volume in which you ask it. He will never avoid situations where you might be prompted to ask like we did. He will be so glad that you are engaging your spirit with His - ready to learn something new from Him.

He is never without answer.

Our All Knowing God.

Each new dawn can be full of discovery for your eyes, your ears, your heart, and your spirit if you take the time to ask a few questions………

Questions are okay.

He’s ready to teach you something new.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. memory verse; Godsword; PSALMS 51;15



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