Monday, May 16, 2011

What's For Supper?

What’s for Supper? A question that on some days can send this daughter of the King into acting not so “royal”, if you get my drift. I don’t know why, but that question can launch me into orbit quicker than a space shuttle lift off. It seems to me though that the days that question turns my world upside down are the days where I have absolutely NO IDEA what’s for supper, nor do I have the energy to try to figure it out! Whether I feel like figuring it out or not though, there are still 3 other stomachs in my house that love me and depend on me to whip them up something.

That’s why I love to make things for dinner that leave room for leftovers. Last Thursday I cooked our dinner and made extra to have leftovers on Friday, and I will just tell you that it was wonderful to know ahead of time that dinner was already taken care of.

My girls get excited when we have leftover mashed potatoes because they know that potato cakes are probably on the menu for the next evening, and they love potato cakes.

I particularly love leftover chili or vegetable soup in the fall.

I love leftover broccoli casserole the day after Thanksgiving.

This working momma loves the thought of opening the refrigerator to leftovers in the middle of a busy week, and I’m sure that thought brings you a bit of relief too.

But - leftovers in my refrigerator will only feed us for so long, and then they are gone. Leftovers in our spiritual life are much the same. Actually, if leftovers have been “leftover” too long, they can make us sick. We need fresh food, fresh nourishment spiritually. We cannot grow and thrive on leftovers alone.

We can’t live from Sunday to Sunday on leftovers. We’ve got to “get in the kitchen” and let God whip up something new to feed us everyday. God is full of food to nourish you and He would much rather give you something fresh and satisfying than you settling for leftovers!

So – my question for you – What’s for supper?

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. 1st off...LOVE the new layout. You always have beautiful ones.

    2nd off Psalms 57. Been there a while...but love it. So...thats been supper for a little bit. :)

  2. Thank you! I like it better than the last one.

    I'll have to have a taste of your Psalms 57! I bet it tastes better than any old Heinz 57!!


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