Monday, May 23, 2011

Come Down From That Mountain

None of us necessarily like to go through valleys, trials, or periods of uncertainty, but sometimes we have to experience them. We've all heard people say that if we never experienced the valleys, we would not appreciate the mountaintops, and I agree. But, as I talked to my friend, Jan, a few days ago and learned more about her and where she's from, something she said gave me a whole new take on mountaintops.

Jan is from Virginia and grew up in the Appalachian Mountains. She shared with me how different the pace of life here is in comparison to where she is from and how simple things were there. We discussed the benefits of living in both worlds as well as the downfalls.

She shared something with me, a fact about her that took me by surprise. She was a young woman, no longer a child, when she came to our area. She had lived her entire childhood and teenage years never seeing a rainbow. She had never experienced the image of electricity captured within a streak of a lightening. Yes, she knew rainbows and lightening bolts existed, but she had never seen either herself until she moved away from the mountains. She and her family lived in the protection of the mountains, but wrapped within that protection, there were wonders that she could not see.

That is, until she had to leave the mountains, and then she actually saw the wonders for herself. I do not remember the first time I saw a rainbow or the first time I saw a streak of lightening jolt down from the skies, but Jan can. She will never forget the first time those wonders of God were taken in by her eyes.

We love to live in the protection of the mountains, the good times, the certain times, and I think that's ok. There's nothing wrong with mountaintops, but if we stay within the protection of the mountains, never having the opportunity (yes, I said opportunity) to live outside those mountains, we will only hear about the wonders of God. We will hear from others what He did for them. We can read in His Word how he intervened for people in the midst of a difficult time, but if we are never able to see past the top of our mountain, we will never truly experience and know the wonder of our spiritual rainbows and lightening bolts.

In 1 Kings 20, the Arameans had decided that the God of the Israelites was only a mountaintop god, so they came to the conclusion that they could defeat the Israelites if they battled them down in the valley. The Israelites came down from the mountains, where they were protected, to face them. Their army was pitiful in comparison to that of the Arameans and that's when God stepped in!

Sisters, I don't know what the days ahead of you hold, we may be called down from our mountains into some valleys, and if you are, take assurance in these words God had for the people of Israel:

Then the man of God went to the king of Israel and said, "This is what the Lord says: The Arameans have said, 'The Lord is a god of the hills and not of the plains.' So I will defeat this vast army for you. Then you will know that I am the Lord."
1 Kings 20:28

Don't forget, my friends, that the God you know on the mountains is still God in your valleys.  He does not change, His power has not changed, the only thing that has changed is your location.

Don't fear coming down from the mountain.....

He is still God.

He still paints rainbows.

He still sends out lightening.

Watch for Him.

He is God of the valleys too.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  2. I have tried repeatedly to comment on the “Come down from the Mountain” post! I don’t know what’s wrong with it but I tried every way imaginable to comment to no avail. Anyway, I’m so excited; I just have to tell you!! The Lord gave me such a gift through this post. I have stood in awe and reverence in the rain to get a better view of a rainbow. Rainbows are evidence that the storms are over. While I was reading the post, God revealed something awesome to me!!! During countless numbers of storms, I have longed for the protection of the mountains. I realized that it is in the midst of the storms, when I am fully exposed, that my faith and dependence upon the Lord is strengthened. He literally becomes my shield and refuge from the fiercest elements. Then, the storm is over and He has protected me once again. If the storm is during the day, I usually step outside to see if He has sent me a rainbow. But, I’ll have a different view of storms from now on. Thank you so much for this post. What the Lord revealed to me was profound.


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