Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Warrior Princess Wednesday

Ok, soldiers, where are you? My list of Warrior Princesses is getting smaller each week! Am I going to have to reinstate the draft?

Ehhhemm! Yes, it's you sweet sister I am clearing my throat at - all in love of course - God's Word must become our life line.

In order to "rally the troops", we're going to memorize a Godsword this week that most of you have heard, but maybe you haven't ever learned the address.  As usual, though, this verse has a story that I can relate to my children. God continually teaches me things through my experiences with them.
But first - here's my Godsword from this past week - Psalms 51:15 Unseal my lips, oh Lord, that my mouth may praise You.  (By the way, I have leaned on that verse alot over the past 2 days - they've been just a tad bit intense!)

When Brenna was in first grade, they did something every week in class called "Mad Minutes" to help them recall their math facts. We would practice her math facts and she would do fine all week at home, but when it came to sitting down to write them out from memory in the classroom while being timed, she would panic. Once her panic set in, it was all she wrote - she couldn't score 100% to save her life!

So, Mom Of The Year tried everything she knew to get her past it. We timed and timed and timed at home. We quizzed and quizzed and quizzed. We studied flash cards, went over math facts as I tucked her in at night. We tried it all to no avail.

She would cry and say, "I just can't do it." She would throw her hands over her face, "I'm never going to pass first grade!" she would sob. Then the Holy Spirit, as He always does, reminded me that Scripture is alive and active, and this could be a very teachable moment for her and her belief of the power of Scripture.

With that thought in mind, we put away the math facts, pulled out the Bible and started memorizing a verse instead of math facts.

Here's the sword we pulled out for her situation:

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

She memorized this verse that night and learned that with Christ, she COULD do this! I told her to recite this verse in her heart and mind when the teacher passes out the Mad Minute test and believe what it says.

Guess what happened at the next Mad Minute? She made the long coveted 100 and had time to spare!

Since then, this verse has become a motto in our home. Anytime we notice the girls getting nervous about something, we simply say, "4:13", and we can almost see the "I can" light come on in their eyes. If you see my girls out and about, feel free to drill them!

Whatever it is you face this week that you just don't think you can do, listen to me, believe this word - You CAN.

You CAN, if He is where you draw your strength.

If I could cup your chin in my hands, I would.  His Word doesn't lie.  It's yours to use.  Take hold of it, make it your own.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. OK--Amy- like you and your girls 'Phillipians 4:13' has been my mantra for years and years- "I can do all things thru Christ which strengths me" Praise God, Thank You Jesus, and 'unseal my lips, O Lord, that my mouth may praise you.' Psalms 51:15. Amy you are my teacher and my friend... RPOTK peggy----I loved the 'address reference' - takecare and GodBless

  2. I'm back! LOL! I was lost after being out a couple of weeks. Whew! I am so ready to be back in my routine and ready to memorize :)
    - Brittany

  3. OK, Amy. One of my favorite Godswords to date: Psalm 51:15 says "Unseal my lips, O Lord, that my mouth may praise You." The thing that I really find intriguing is that my lips would get sealed in the first place. They are certainly not sealed in so many other circumstances, even when they should be. Why would I seal them with regards to praising Him? Can something else or someone else seal them?

    As God's word always is, this is a timely verse for my spiritual condition. Not only have I been asking the Lord to unseal my lips so that they may praise Him, but to also unseal my heart so that it may praise and worship Him fully. Break the chains of hurts and disappointments that interrupt my innate desire to truly WORSHIP HIM. It is a painful and desperate place to have a heart made to sing, only to find nearly inaudible whispers making it to the surface. It is just a season, I believe, but I long to move through it quickly. I am trusting God to make that happen. Now I am off to read your post! ( : Stacey


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