Friday, May 13, 2011


Who are You, God, that You set the Earth in motion as You do? You command the sun to rise with each new day and rest with each evening.

You made the deer to prance with such freedom, a prance that seems so effortless. It leaps through the meadows, head held high, ears erect, seeming so full of joy with each touch of it’s hooves to the earth below. This creature knows nothing of tomorrow, it knows not from where it’s next meal or drink will come, yet it leaps in front of me with what seems a carefree spirit. Carefree with no worry.

It is You who dressed the cardinal in his majestic red-tailed coat and painted his beard as black as coal and were attentive to place a song in his mouth.

You spritzed the honeysuckle with its fragrant perfume and the touch of Your hand sweetened it’s nectar.

You dyed the delicate petals of the bearded iris and shaped them to flow in a gentle breeze.

Each flower You designed as an individual masterpiece, no two flowers the same, no leaves identical. All blooming at different times of the season creating a symphony of colors and textures that only You could compose so brilliantly.

You taught the vines how to hold on tightly as they climb the mighty trees and placed the moss like velvet beneath our feet.

It is You who created color itself and splashed it over Your canvas, using it to paint Your rainbows, warm Your sunsets, deepen the blue of Your oceans.

It is You that I see in all these things.

It is You who is always revealing more of such to me.

Who are You, that Your hands can create and Your mind can imagine the likes of these, but, even still, You want me?

Who are You that You never stop pursuing me?

Never stop wooing me?

Never stop loving me?

Who are You?

A question I ask that You seem to love to answer with more of who You are.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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