Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Testify Tuesday

It's a Testify Tuesday! What do I mean by that? Today is your turn to testify about where you've seen Him moving, where you've seen Him working, or simply where you have seen His presence in your life. As I sat in Bible study last night with friends, we shared several stories with one another about God and we shared examples of who He has been to us and it was amazing to hear their stories, stories that could only have happened by the touch of His hand. It boosted my faith in Him!

"I have seen and testify that this is the Son of God." John 1:34

I am asking you to boost someone else's faith today. Believe it or not, people do read the comments you post, so feel free to blab on and on about how great He is!

How Great Is Our God
How Great Is Our God
Sing with me, How great, How great is our God ..............

(The mean part of me hopes that song gets stuck in your head today!;)

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. Ok, i'll be the first since no one has responded yet. We have recently gone through a financial hardship and being at the bottom with nowhere to look but up i have seen his hand in sooo many ways so i'm actually going to share a couple. First of all there have been weeks when i knew there was no way the money would last until the next payday and each time there was more than enough and even some left over. Most recently my husband and I have had the opportunity to go to a UK football game for a friends birthday. We are still awaiting to find out the cost of this but should be able to afford this, last week he found out that midnight madness (the introduction to this years uk basketball team) was the night before the football game. I think I forgot to mention that my husband is a HUGE UK fan and this would be the end all be all weekend for him. I of course after hearing of the midnight madness immediately began to see dollar signs because I could not find out the cost. I prayed that if it was meant for us to go that it would be a price we could afford as our outings have been very slim and would like to have a weekend away. The next day my friend Cathy brought me a newspaper article that said the midnight madness tickets were FREE! Hallelujah and then that night i found out that the football tickets may be free also. God is soo good!!!! Again there are many others, too many to mention in this small space.

  2. OK, mine may not sound all that cheery, but the last couple of weeks, I have been completely shocked, saddened, and broken because God is revealing some things about me that are not "all that and a bag of chips" like my prideful, image building self thought they were - OUCH! Even today, he reminded me that I have no reason EVER to be prideful because even at my very best, I am like filthy rags. However, even in brokenness, I praise him because I know that GOD IS SO GOOD! He knew I couldn't do it, so he sent his some to come and be righteousness for me. Thank You, Father, you are such a loving God! It means that he loves me so much that he refuses to let me to continue one more day. He is calling me to something greater and deeper than myself and I am "giddy" with anticipation of how I will be changed. Somehow, I am viewing every single thing around me in a whole new light and it is hard, yet so refreshing. That can only be GOD!

  3. Sometimes God speaks to me and through me in surprising ways. One day last week I was in the midst of an interview over lunch for a potential sales position. This is not routine for me, although I have been praying for a change in my work that would allow an easier balance of work and home life. (I want more time with my husband and my children and more of my own mental energy back!)

    Not very excited on the way to the interview, I prayed to God letting Him know that I needed His help because I really did not want to go through that stress in the midst of an already stressful day. I prayed that if this was to be my path, He would make the way.

    Long story short (impossible at this point), the interview went well and as the lunch winded down, the conversation turned to that part of sales that involves entertaining customers. The hiring manager asked if I would have any problem entertaining customers over lunch, in the evenings at times and perhaps even a few weekends each year. This did not feel like the beginning of a more-time-with-my-family conversation, but before I could even connect those dots, these words came out of my mouth, "I should let you know that I do have a policy I try my best to adhere to for the protection of my marriage. I make it a point to not go to lunch or be seen out with one person (read man) where work is concerned, but always try to invite a third person along so that there is never any question as to the intent of the circumstance." The hiring manager's mouth fell open and he voiced his immediate concern. I work in industry where men make up the majority at all levels, but especially at the higher levels that I would be "entertaining".

    I couldn't believe the words came out of my mouth. I had not thought about the possible impact a sales position could have on my policy (and more importantly, my marriage!)... but God had. He let those words roll out smoothly and calmly, just like I had planted them there myself. He loves me so much that He protects me, even when I stand contemplating a path where I haven't consider the dangerous entanglements and toils that may lay ahead.

    As I left the interview, I figured I would not get the call asking me to work for the company. I did feel triumphant at the opportunity to showcase that my marriage is a top priority for me and even more, I hope that the gentlemen at the interview heard a bit of testimony for the Lord in my words. I still haven't heard back from the hiring manager, and that is okay. It has only been a week. I did hear back from the Lord, however, at just the perfect moment. He answered my prayer for direction regarding this new opportunity.

    This is the second time in the past month or so that something has rushed out of my mouth that I did not consciously put together. I have been surprised each time, but given the weighty subject matter and the situation, I know God whispered through my spirit and His words popped right out of my mouth!



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