Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Flutter By

This past Saturday morning, I sat out on my back porch preparing for Unveiled Faces. It was beautiful outside. The temperature was perfect, the sun was shining, there was just enough breeze to move the air, but not blow all of my papers and pages around. As I sat typing and enjoying my surroundings, I noticed this butterfly that fluttered around about where I was sitting and a couple off in the distance.

Even as I sit now typing, I see three or four flying around my backyard, which in itself shows me that my God is so in tune with my heart and what I delight in. I planned to write this devotion since I saw the butterflies on Saturday, but wasn’t able to sit and do so until now. Every time I look up from this keyboard I see one flutter by and I feel Him here with me. The one that just flew by is one of my all time favorites, you know, the black ones with the blue patterns around the bottoms of their wings. I cannot deny His presence as they dance around my yard and I know that this moment is a kiss from Heaven.

I have always appreciated the beauty and delicacy of butterflies, as most girls do, but as I sat there Saturday morning, I thought of how light a butterfly is and how fragile its frame is, yet it still manages to move about in this great big world, doing what it was designed to do. In its beauty, the butterfly exists and flies around in the same atmosphere as things that aren’t quite so nice, like wasps, nevertheless, they still fly.

The fragile wings of the butterfly and its tiny frame in comparison to this great big world remind me of us. We are fragile beings, tiny in comparison to our Creator. In fact, James 4:14 says “you are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away,” which illustrates to me just how small I am in comparison to His enormity. Although our frame is fragile, when we allow Him to touch us and we take flight, stirring about in this world, sometimes among wasps, doing what we were created to do, there is a beauty that is displayed that is nothing short of a display of His splendor.

More on butterflies tomorrow.

Flutter about today. I love you all.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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