Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Tickle of a Butterfly's Wings

I shared with you yesterday about butterflies and their fragileness amidst the enormity of their environment. As I reflected on the butterflies, I was reminded of a story from my life from MANY years ago.

My mom and I were walking across the Kmart parking lot. Yes, incase you are wondering, this not the first time I have mentioned Kmart in one of my posts. The local Kmart was THE place to be back then and my mom liked Kmart. I spotted a butterfly on the pavement that was injured. Nothing would do but for me to rescue it and take it home, which explains where my daughter gets it. Considering a butterfly doesn’t have to be housebroken or carry a financial burden, Mom didn’t put up a fight. I cupped that little butterfly inside my hands as we walked around in Kmart to keep it safe. After loading into our sky blue, two door, 4-speed Pinto station wagon we headed home with butterfly in tow. There's something about a two door, 4-speed station wagon that seems like a contradiction to me, but that's what it was. I still remember the soft wings of the butterfly tickling the palms of my hands as I cupped the little creature safely, careful not to crush it. When we arrived home, I dug out one of Mom’s canning jars and put the little butterfly in the jar along with some grass and sticks. I poked some holes in the lid with a knife and snuggly screwed the lid tight. I pulled up a chair and placed my little rescue project high atop the refrigerator to keep her safe. For a few days she held my attention, but as most kids do, after that I was on to bigger and better things.

We have been told all of our lives that He has us in the palm of His hand. Job 12:10 says:

“In whose hand is the life of every living thing,
And the breath of all mankind.”

With the thought of being in the palm of His hand in mind, as I read Psalms 139, a chapter that never gets old to me, verse 5 reminded me of that feeling of the butterfly’s wings tickling my hand as I held her safely.

“Thou has enclosed me behind and before,
And laid thy hand upon me.”

Think about that, I am in the palm of one hand, and then He encloses me behind and before and lays His other hand upon me. He has cupped me safe and secure just like the butterfly, I just pray that my wings sometimes tickle His palms as I try to fly. Thinking of how safe I am in His hands overwhelms me which makes the next verse so fitting:

“Such knowledge is too wonderful for me;
It is too high, I cannot attain it.”
Psalms 136:6

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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