Friday, October 29, 2010

Can I Borrow Your Glasses?

I have noticed a phrase that seems to repeat in my prayers, both on my blog posts, and in my own private prayers. I seem to always ask God to “help me see”. I am always asking Him to “open my eyes” to things around me. There are many things about this life and this world that I do not understand, many things that I do not see clearly, and without His help in opening my eyes to see, I will never understand them. I will never see them clearly as He does.

Even in my physical self, I wear glasses to see better, but in my spiritual self, I wish it were that easy. I wish I could lean over to God and ask “Hey, can I borrow your glasses for a minute?”. It seems like borrowing His glasses would make my decisions so much easier.

Even with my glasses on, I don’t have truly perfect vision. I have the best vision that is possible in the physical with the help of my eye doctor. However, I will never have truly completely perfect vision as long as I am on this earth. Only God has completely pure perfect vision.

What I mean by that is, only God sees all things completely accurate, as they really are. Only God sees things without flaw, without partiality. Only God can discern all motives. Only God sees the big picture.

He is not near sighted.

He is not far sighted.


He can take it all in at once, He never has to squint to make something clear. All is clear to Him. He never has to lean toward the light to read something, He is the light.

Only God has true 20/20 vision.

In the medical community, 20/20 vision is considered perfect eyesight, which is why I would love to borrow His glasses, if He had them. In His perfection, He has no need for assistance from anyone or anything else to see clearly. I can say this though, the closer I get to Him, the better my sight becomes. Although I will never see all things perfectly this side of Heaven, in the process of becoming more like His Son, my spiritual vision begins to improve as I begin to look at things from His perspective.

It always amazes me how crisp and defined things are when I get a new prescription in my glasses. When I leave the eye doctor’s office, I read every sign I can, amazed at what I “didn’t” see before. I study the brightness of the green leaves on the trees, looking at the edges of the leaves, edges that before blended from one leaf to another. Along those same lines, when I have learned a new truth from Him and have realized how it fits in my life, I am amazed even more at how crisp and defined things in life seem to be. The things that were fuzzy, are no more. There is no question of where right and wrong overlap. There is a definite difference when I have worn the prescription of His Word as I look at questions and circumstances.

So really, I guess He does let me borrow His glasses, they just aren’t glasses in the way I was expecting. Only God would prescribe perfect vision by looking through the pages of a book. The pages of His Word. When I hold those words to my eyes, everything seems so much clearer.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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