Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Growth On the Mountaintop

The past few days have been less than glamorous and as I arrived at work yesterday and attempted to complete the tasks at hand, many of the burdens over the past few days felt very heavy upon my shoulders. In an attempt to move my spirit from its discouraged state, I logged my work computer on to K-Love so that I could listen for His voice through the lyrics of the songs. I needed to feel Him near and I needed Him to encourage me in the valley, and the music mixed with the conversation of the announcers helped some, but I still felt downcast.

During my lunch break, I decided to go out and take a walk. I always feel closer to Him outside, and what better weather for a long walk? As I traveled along the sidewalk, I thought to myself, my “shield” feels like it has holes in it, and that I don’t feel strong enough to fight today.

I rounded the corner of the sidewalk block and followed the walkway in a new direction. As I walked, a woman was walking toward me. Although I don’t know her well, I recognized who she was, and remembered that she is a Christian. I wondered to myself if she gets out on her lunch break for the same reason I did yesterday, to clear her mind and to get closer to Him. I wondered if she feels like her shield has holes in it sometimes. I have no idea why she was walking, she could have been a weary soldier too, but one thing I do know - she was obedient. She let God use her to touch me.

As she approached, we both exchanged a business-like “hello”, but just as she passed, she turned her head to say, “I read your devotions, and I love ‘em!”

I was totally surprised, and I felt my heart get lighter. I knew that He had met me on that sidewalk as I replied, “Thank You. I’m glad you like ‘em!” With just those words a hole in my shield was patched up.

She smiled and added something like, “I really enjoy them,” stepping further away, the distance between us growing.

I couldn’t help but turn back toward her to say, “Thanks for telling me,” as I tapped my heart with my hand.

She had no idea where my thoughts had been prior to her words of encouragement, she had no idea my heart was in a valley, and she allowed God to lift it up from where it was through her kind words.

Later on, I was back at my desk feeling more encouraged after my walk, and I continued to work listening to K-Love. The announcers came on and one of them mentioned being taught a lesson about mountains and valleys by her pastor. She pointed out an interesting point that I never realized, although it seems very simple. It went something like this:

Nothing grows on top of a mountain. Growth happens in the valleys.

Often when we are in a valley, we long to get out, we long for the mountain because that is where the view is so splendid. But - if you think about it, what grows at the very top of a mountain?


What grows in the spaces between the mountains known as the valleys?

All kinds of beautiful things.

So thank you, my sidewalk friend, for a bloom of encouragement in the midst of a valley. May God bless you today.

I don’t know, Father, why I cannot learn to be satisfied in the valleys. As I come out of them and look back, I can always see how close you were in the midst of them. I can see your hand and your presence in many ways, yet when I am there, I long for the mountains. It is true that the most beautiful things in my life have been grown in times of valleys and I am so thankful for those things. I thank You that You count me worthy for valley travel, You count me worthy to spend time refining and growing me. Father, I ask you to grow within me a heart of expectation in the valleys. May I grow into a daughter that naturally expects you to show up in those places instead of one who longs for the next mountain. As Mrs. Pat Greer used to sing at my home church, “The God of the mountains, is still God in the valleys, and the God of the day is still God in the night.” You are that God and You call me your own. Praise You.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. Okay Devil get out of my face.....This is the second time I am typing this...I couldn't figure out how to post it the first time....I was so hoping today was testify Tuesday. I have been about to burst with excitment in the awe I felt this weekend. We went to pick apples and a pumpkin this weekend- that is where my AWESOME GOD opened my eyes. The pumpkins sitting there in the dirt were all different shapes, sizes, shades of orange and some had a curly stem while others were straight-just like us. All of the pumpkins were from a very small seed and were planted to grow..be picked..and let a someone enjoy their beauty. As we were ready to pay for our pumpkin(that took a while to pick)I was thinking of how each one of the families in line would take it home, carve it with a smile, hollow it out and put a light in it. WOW...dont you think that is what God wants for us........Seed, Picked, Carved with a smile, Hollowed out, and put a light for all to see. And even our trash(seeds pulled out)can be used for good. It will grow another pumpkin for someone else next year. What a GOD moment.
    I can only thank him for the blessings he gives us everyday and in the smallest thing how he has planned it. Thank you God for the little things as well as those big things that you are in control of.
    Also thank you Amy for sharing blog and helping me to see God in the small things too.


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