Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Morning

Let’s start this week off on a good note and pray together:

My God, my Savior, my Rescuer, my Redeemer, You are the One worthy of all honor and praise. My life is nothing without your moving within it. It makes no sense without You as the center. Holy Spirit, I beckon your presence, your promptings, your urgings as I live this day – hour by hour, minute by minute. God, reveal to me places where the motives of my heart are not yours. Shine your light on any dark corners within me so that I might see what You see. Jesus, saturate my spirit with a measure of your compassion for those around me. Give me your tenderness in my hands so that I might touch someone for You. May my eyes be your eyes, able to see into the souls of the ones I come into contact with so that I might see those who are hurting. Give me keen ears to hear your voice speak when those hurting people are near. Father, may I be more concerned with your message reaching others than I am with me today. Let today be like a divine appointment book, with each slot filled with people that You want to meet with today, and may I not be too busy to “look at the book” missing the chance to work along side You.

God, You don’t need me to tell you that it is the beginning of another work week. Many people will face today with exasperation and dread. I pray that You pour your joy into their spirits today. Show them how to bear the load that You have for them and how to lay down the one that You did not intend. Prepare us to hear from You everyday this week. No day that has your voice in it is ordinary, may our week be extraordinary because You were in it. Holy Spirit remind us in the moments of discouragement that praise=presence. If I praise You, I will sense how close You really are.

Father, we “church” people tend to pray with our own “lingo” and sometimes that seems so generic and general. I ask You, God, to go beyond the general and generic in the lives that read this today and be specific to them. Be specific about the loads, be specific, about the divine appointments, be specific about the heart motives, and the dark places. God, I don’t want them to read this prayer and think “that was a nice prayer”, I want them to end this prayer knowing You have spoken and stirred something greater within them. I want them to face this “Monday” with a new hope, new courage, new strength because they have heard from You.

Father, I pray for your church. I pray that we, your people, stop “doing” church and start being the church. You have been bringing this to my mind and heart often, and I pray that you are stirring that thought within many so that your church rises up and impacts this dying world. Church doesn’t just “end” at the close of a Sunday service, that is when it begins. God may we throw life ropes to those who are drowning, may we give healing to those who are hurting, and may we share life with those who are dying. Show us all practical ways to be your hands - starting today.

I lift all of this to You expecting great things from the Author of Life. In the name of my Savior, Jesus, BE SPECIFIC in our hearts today.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. Well that was exactly what I needed today...I am so blah on Monday mornings but its not all about me...I was just in the office kitchen talking about how blessed we are to have jobs and warm clothes and vehicles to bring us to our jobs that we sometimes dread. Thank you for helping me see the bigger picture sometimes my tunnelvision takes over especially on Mondays. Mitzi

  2. Thanks for the BOOST this morning! I have had some rough days with family this weekend and I was glad for a little pick me up!

  3. I have been in a kind of continual prayer/conversation since the early morning hours with God today. God has me in this place where instead of seeking His Hand, I am seeking His face. Everything that I have been reading the past couple of weeks is not just about what God is doing in their lives, or what they feel they are doing in His. It's about just basking in His presence, spending time with Him, and praising Him for Who He is, not what He can do.

    I heard a quote a while back that said "We've become so consumed with doing things for God, we've forgotten to do things with God." We've forgotten what it is like to sit at His feet and just spend time with Him.

    Some of us have gotten so busy, that we're not even sure if we ever have just sat in the presence of our Lord.

    Great reminder and a great way to start the day!

  4. Wow. Thank you for some mega-encouragement. God uses you and this blog much more than you could ever realize; you are fulfilling His purpose for you, thank you for being obedient.



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