Monday, October 18, 2010

If I Were A Tree

As I drove to church yesterday morning, the leaves on the trees were so gorgeous. I enjoy the season of fall, the heat begins to fade, God displays His artwork on the canvas of His trees, and the approach of Thanksgiving and Christmas crowd my thoughts. I often find my mind drifting to the experiences of seasons past recalling the closeness I have felt to Him simply celebrating within my own heart who He is and the awe of a tender tiny babe bursting onto the scene just for me. Just for you.

But, back to fall. As the seasons change, the leaves are so beautiful, their colors so rich. There are some that are such a bright gold, some a deep fiery red, and many colors in between. As I think about the colors of the leaves of fall, I go back to the basis from where those leaves get the richness in their color. We all know that the fall display we see is very much affected by the amount of water the trees have had to drink in the weeks approaching fall. If they have had no water, the leaves just turn brown and brittle, not producing much beauty. They fall to the ground and crunch beneath your feet and sometimes they hang on to the branches, never falling.

But oh - when those leaves have been watered- what beauty our eyes behold! Yes, those trees have endured the brutal cold of winter, the storms of spring, and the blazing heat of the summer just like the other trees, but they have so much more magnificence to show us in their colors simply as a result of their water supply. When their leaves fall, they don’t crumble as they touch the ground, they stay intact drifting from place to place.

As the wind blows, the leaves touched by the paint brush of our Master Artist, fall from the limbs and are carried wherever the winds of the air take them.

My question for you is – What color are your leaves? Are they brown and brittle crumpling under the slightest weight? Or are they a brilliant display of God’s hand upon a life supplied regularly with living water?

If I could be a tree, I would want to be one with the radiant yellow leaves or maybe one with the leaves rich with the Painter's scarlet ink. I certainly know I don’t want to be one of those trees that holds on to its brown crumpling leaves throughout the approaching winter displaying nothing of the beauty of its Maker for the world to see.

Don’t forget, those trees endure the same seasons, but the outcome is different all because of the water supply.

Painter of the world’s canvas, I ask you to dip your brush onto your palette of endless colors and touch me with a color that is signature, uniquely, You. God, I want to display You to everyone. I want them to see not me, but brilliant evidence of You when they glance my way. You. That’s what’s it all about. You. None other. You. Enflame my desire for your water, for your Word, for time with You to a level that it has never been before. I desire and I know You desire for many more to know You, God, not just know about You, but KNOW YOU, as the only source for their survival.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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