Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Natural Born Leader

We’ve all known or heard of someone who is a natural born leader, maybe it’s even been said about you. Natural born leaders are those that seem to excel at most anything they attempt, other people look to them for guidance. They are looked to as an example and often seen as role models for others. Employers and teachers love them because they often make life a little easier for them. Leaders influence us and are the ones we look to when we need an answer about or direction in a situation. To be told you are a leader is usually a wonderful compliment, where being told you are a “follower” isn’t necessarily something we are excited to hear.

Not only do we all know leaders, but I think most of us can relate to someone, possibly yourself, who is a follower. Being a follower can be both good and bad, it just depends on who you follow, right?

As a song played on my new Third Day CD (a gift from Leslie, thank you!), the lyrics got me to thinking about following and leading. When Mac Powell belted out the words “Follow me there!”, I thought about Who I want to follow, although sometimes that’s not who I follow at all. What’s very scary about that thought is that as I follow, I am also leading - whether it be my kids, my extended family, my friends, my co-workers, or someone observing me from afar.

Even though it’s a compliment to be called a leader and even though it is considered a positive character quality (most of the time), when you think about it, aren’t leaders followers too?

We are all following something, even those who lead follow.

If you are a leader, my question to you is who are you following?

And who is following you?

If you are a follower, I ask - who is your leader?

We all follow someone, and if we aren’t very intentional about who we follow, we might be very surprised at who is actually doing the leading when we stop to think about it.
I quickly counted 20 different times Jesus is recorded saying the phrase “follow me”. I don’t know how many times in my frustration I have said to my kids “I’ve told you that 20 times, when are you going to listen?????” He told us at least 20 times to follow Him. I wonder when I will get it?

Jesus words to Matthew in Mark 2:14

Follow Me!

Plain and simple, that’s all He said.

Jesus, The Natural Born Leader

My Leader, You are the only One whom I can trust to never lead me astray. You are the one who’s path is perfect for me. You lead with such love, confidence, such grace, and an abundance of mercy. Thank you, Jesus, that You don’t take off without me when I’m not following as I should. Thank you that You are always still easy for me to find on the path. Father, sharpen my spiritual senses to the places where I easily follow the wrong lead. May I not follow my emotions when my heart is broken, may I not follow someone else just because of who they are without knowing it is of You first. May your voice of direction resonate within my heart and mind when I reach a crossroads offering many pathways. You, OH GOD, are My LEADER. Bring me to a place where I desire to follow after no one, no thing except for You. Thank You for always welcoming me with open arms.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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