Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Touching Innocence

Even if you’re not a “baby person”, there is something about a little one that captures our attention. As I asked myself why they capture me so, I recognized the pull they seem to have. When I see a baby I immediately want to get closer to it. My heart longs to touch it, observe the perfection of its creation.

What is it about a baby that draws us to it?

I think there is something within us that longs for pure innocence, for complete perfection, for a sacredness, we long for a gaze purely of awe. We want to be connected to something completely clean. A baby is the closest example we have this side of Heaven. Although we are born as sinners, that little one fresh from the mother’s womb, seems like the most pure demonstration that we can see, touch, smell, and gaze upon and get lost in its perfection.

God created us to be drawn to such, because that is what He is made up of. He is completely pure, completely sacred, completely innocent, completely holy and He designed us to be drawn to that place of awe when gazing upon Him.

I am so thankful for that longing within me to touch innocence, that longing to be captured in awe at complete holiness. I know how my heart stirs now even glimpsing a newborn for a few seconds, it moves me so much, that I feel certain my heart will burst when I actually gaze upon the purity of my Lord.

I touched innocence today, or at least as close as I’ll touch until I meet Jesus.

Welcome to our world
Owen Andrew Heisner
8lb 1oz 19in
son of my sister and Andrea and her husband Josh

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. One word: TEARS. What a sweet, sweet post.

  2. Amen! It's one of those special moments that takes your breath away


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