Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday Siesta and A Winner

A little housekeeping first off today - If you read last week's post called "Camping Out", you probably remember that I was going to draw a winner from those who posted a comment. Now girls - let me remind you this blog is mainly written for us GIRLS, but we a have a few guys that read too, and they are showing you up in the comments department! EHHEM! Can you hear me clearing my throat?!?!? All jokes aside, I really enjoyed the comments that were posted and we will probably all go camping again sometime, so keep your bags packed and ready. The winner from those posts was Camillia Madden. She gets a copy of the book Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa TerKeurst.  Love this book, Camillia, hope you enjoy it.  Now on to today's subject.

Yesterday afternoon Brenna and I decided a Sunday afternoon nap was a wonderful idea. Our bellies were full and our eyes were heavy as we crawled into bed for a little rest. Brenna brought several “guests” along with her for our siesta – Care Bear, Pooh Bear, Sock Monkey, and a huge Raggedy Ann doll. As the guests began to pile in, I knew that unless those little visitors stayed on the other side of the bed, our nap would be anything but restful.

As I began to drift off to sleep, I felt Brenna move to snuggle up close to my back. This did not surprise me since she is such an affectionate child, but what surprised me was when she put her little arm around my neck, there was something between us. Normally, she gets as close to me as she can, so I asked her, “Brenna, what’s between me and you?”

“Raggedy Ann and my monkey,” she answered.

I lay there thinking for a few minutes about me and God. How often do I agree to rest with Him, yet I bring along “extras” like Brenna did? All the extras inhibit true rest.

How many times have I attempted to snuggle up close to Him only for Him to feel something in between us?

I fear too many to count. I fear this scripture sometimes describes me, Isaiah 30:15

For thus the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, has said, “In repentance and rest you shall be saved, in quietness and trust is your strength.” But you were not willing.

I have often tried to rest in Him without repentance, without quietness, and without trusting Him to be my strength. I was not willing to leave my “visitors” behind while I rested with Him.

If you were to snuggle up close what would be between you and Him? Think about that for a few minutes.….What would keep space between you and Your Maker?

Psalms 62:1 says:
My soul finds rest in God alone.

In God alone.

I know you are aware of what the word alone means, but I looked it up in the dictionary to draw us a more vivid picture. According to American Heritage Dictionary, alone means 1) apart from other people; single; solitary. 2) excluding anything or anyone else. 3) with nothing further added.

My rest is in Him alone, apart from others, excluding anything else, with nothing further added. I guess that means when I want to rest in Him, I shouldn’t bring Care Bear, Pooh Bear, Sock Monkey, or Raggedy Ann along!

Rest in Him is good. It is refreshing, it brings new perspective, it brings new passion. So, if you haven’t rested with Him lately, it’s time.

He doesn’t mind your affection, He wants you to snuggle up close, but you can’t truly rest if there are things keeping you at a distance from Him.

Father, please in your infinite wisdom, open my eyes to the things placing a distance between me and You. Reveal those things that are preventing true rest in You and after You reveal them, remind me to trust in your power within me to lay them down. I know that you rescue me with that rest and that I gain strength from quietness with You and trust in You. May this day be different for us, God. I pray that my friends do not settle for less than your perfect plan today. Quiet, trust, rest, strength. You.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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