Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eager Dispensers

Along the hallways of the church my family and I attend, there are dispensers placed in strategic places that are filled with hand sanitizer. These dispensers were installed during the H1N1 scare to help decrease the spread of germs. There is one thing about these dispensers that has always been funny to me.

They are VERY sensitive. They dispense hand sanitizer with the least bit of motivation. What is meant to kill germs and clean us up, usually ends up in a mess on the floor. For example, my youngest is still short enough that when she walks by one of them, her shoulder will graze just below it as she passes by. Just as she surpasses the dispenser, it releases a healthy serving of hand sanitizer foam which splatters down to the floor. Better yet though, in my chronic, not so graceful state that I am usually in while traveling the hallways of the church - balancing my Bible, both of my kid’s Bibles, their Sunday School lesson sheets, their candy from Children’s Church, a jacket or two, a bag or two or five, it is my purse propped upon my arm that always seems to make it just under the dispenser, thus provoking a mound of foamy bubbles to succumb to gravity’s force and crash to the floor. All the while the kids are begging me to beg Dad to take us to lunch somewhere or something.

Now remember what all I am usually carrying – it is no easy feat for me to go and find something to clean this mess up once this happens, but somehow I manage, and we finally get out the door and on our way home.

One day after this had happened, I was thinking about how sensitive these dispensers were. They are so eager to give those around them what they hold inside and will dump their bubbles at the slightest sense of someone near.

The Holy Spirit nudged me…

What if we were so eager to be dispensers of God’s grace to each other?

After all, wasn’t it by His grace that we were saved? Shouldn’t that be what fills us so that we are ready to splash it upon whoever draws near our sensors?

Yes, my friends it should. We should be grace dispensers, and it wouldn’t hurt for us to be a little more eager like the dispensers at church. So what if we leave a mound of grace somewhere along the way, maybe someone will come along that needs it.

John 1:14 describes Jesus as the Word becoming flesh and it says He was “full of grace and truth.” We say we want to be like Jesus, and He was full of grace, so if we really want to be like Him, we should be too. He has plenty to give us to go around.

We are all one body, serving One God, with One Savior. We are family and as the old saying goes “blood is always thicker than water”. When you stop to think about it, we are connected by blood. Families usually stick together loving each other despite their differences because of the blood that binds them. However, there is a blood that is thicker than mere familial blood that should bind us as His people and that is the blood that flowed from Calvary’s hill. Blood thicker than water.

Dispensers of grace.

Dispensers of the Gospel.

Father as I think of being a dispenser of grace to those around me, even those who may hurt me, I realize that by dispensing Your grace, I am also dispensing Your Gospel Message. I pray Psalms 51:12 to You asking You to restore to me the joy of when I first received Your grace and sustain me with Your willing spirit to dispense it to others. Please forgive me for when I haven’t and speak to me when I am presented with a grace dispensing opportunity that I don’t see. I just want to squirt Your love out all over the place and I don’t care who it splashes upon. Your grace isn’t messy when it’s dispensed, it doesn’t have to be cleaned up, for it is your grace that actually cleans us up. Thank You, God, for that grace and, Jesus, thank You, for dispensing it to me.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. From Memory......
    Restore to me the joy of thy salvation, and sustain me with a willing spirit. Psalms 51:12
    Didn't want to be left out :)

  2. Yesterday morning I brought a used Christian CD. Eager to get home and sync it to my IPod, I inserted the new purchase into my car CD slot. What plays? Billy Graham preaching the gospel message to thousands. I listen a little while, and at the stop light eject the CD to stare at the disk. The disk shows a picture of the Christian musician, not Billy Graham. I got excited and thought to myself, God's talking to me through Billy, and He's filling my belly again with an evangelical fervor. I listened to the CD many times over. This morning when I woke up, the Lord and I began to talk. He said there was a time when you dreamed and imagined and even pretended being a wife and a mother and then you did actually become these things. I began to think back to my salvation and I responded—“and yes Lord when I witnessed your people worshiping you I wanted real salvation, I no longer was satisfied with faking and imitating you, thinking about it, fantasizing about it-- I accepted your offer and became your bride, your child…. Lord, please help me… I want what Billy has… You know what I mean. I don't mean the fame. Do you know what I 'm asking for Lord? Because I'm asking for something prompted by you for your glory that I do not fully understand.” As I was reading sister Amy's blog today, I thought about her reference to the dispenser. She knows what will happen if she pushes that dispenser: push it and something will come out. She does not know what all the ingredients are. Well ok, she could read the label, but does Amy know what went on in the laboratory to put those ingredients together so that they could fulfill the function and need of the moment? I do confess I don't know exactly were I am going with all of this but I will end by giving a prophecy that I wrote down on January 17, 2001, approximately three months after I was saved. Please don't be spooked as I don't do this very often. Notice that I shift from myself praying… to the Lord talking, this is also not always the case. FYI all prophecy in any form should line up perfectly with the Bible. In many cases the Lord is simply pointing us to the Bible where He teaches us. Here we go.... 9:30 am 1/17/2001

    Lord help me not to become comfortable in one form. For I may be transposed from a sword to a saucer in an instant. All laws of resources and Science are void. For God is the Potter and he makes the Laws. Do not bother yourselves with routines and daily rituals. For what was asked from the Lord a moment ago is not the command for now. I will tell you what Laws were and what remains. Do not tie yourselves up with tedious and imitations, for you are not capable of forming the simplest pot. Listen to me, not any man; do not worry for a Father rewards a child that tries.

    Thank you Lord: you are an awesome God. Lift up your people unto yourself as your glory shines forth through the Church as you have defined. We love you, honor you, and pledge our lives to you, most Holy God, King above all Kings and Lord above all Lords. Let all the world rejoice in your eternal intentional perfected plan of absolute redemption for all who choose your Son, Jesus. Worthy is the Lamb that was slain for you and me!
    Angela S. Ross


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