Monday, July 26, 2010

Slurpin' and Spittin'

Both, yes, BOTH of our girls went to the orthodontist last week and both came home with a new best friend named Retainer! Needless to say, there has been a lot of slurpin’ and spittin’ going on at my house for the past several days. I’m sure those of you with children who have had braces or retainers can identify with how difficult it is to remain serious and not laugh in your child’s face as they talk to you while concentrating so intensely to speak clearly enough to be understood. I have had to ask them to repeat themselves several times over the past few days while darting spit flying in all directions every time they use the letter “L” or “S”. Todd and I have gotten great entertainment at their expense. He kept making them repeat the phrase “the surf shop is open” just because they sounded so funny and it had lots of S’s in it. At least I don’t have to worry about a prince charming come to sweep them off their feet because he’s been attracted to their lady-like slurping mid-sentence.

I called home the afternoon they got the retainers to check on them and I couldn’t understand either one of them on the phone. Their voices sounded so different. It was the same children, same mouths, same tongues, same voices, but the sounds that came out did not resemble what I was accustomed to hearing come from them at all. It’s amazing how something that is relatively small when wrapped around their teeth and fits so snuggly against the roof of their mouths can produce such a change. If we allow Him, the Holy Spirit can do the same to us. Outwardly, people can’t see that He’s within us, but if we let Him control us, what comes forth will be different and will catch even those closest to us by surprise. Same person – different product.

Secondly, the whole purpose for these retainers is to straighten their teeth slowly over time. Let me just tell you – I’ve already heard some whining about sore teeth. I feel like a grumpy old teacher who loves a pop quiz by doing my unannounced teeth checks. It’s amazing how they so easily “forget” to put them back in after they eat or brush. Their mouths right now are a jumbled mess, but when this is said and done, everything should be lined up just right and their smiles will be beautiful (and costly!). Our lives are a jumbled mess too, and as the girls retainers over time will guide their teeth into the right places, the Holy Spirit will guide the jumbled things in our life into alignment too if we give Him the opportunity to do so. Sometimes we get a little sore, sometimes we whine, sometimes we “forget” to put Him on, but if we wear Him the finished product will be dramatic. Don’t forget how much it cost Him. It wasn’t cheap, but He gladly paid the price because He knew in the end the result would be worth it.

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