Friday, July 23, 2010

Heavy Load

I have a great bag that I carry with me a lot. It’s just the right size for my computer to slide into, it has a pouch for pens, my phone, debit card, and a section I can put folders into if I need to carry paper along with me. There is even enough room to drop my Bible down in there. It has been very handy to have. Often I have taken my computer to work with me along with my Bible so that I can do some writing on my lunch break. I’ve told you all before about the long hike from my car to the office where I work, and that hike seems a little further when you’re lugging along an extra 10 lbs or so from your arm down at your side. There are some days where I am sure the people walking near me think I look like a bag lady. I have been known to have my computer bag, my purse, my little lunch tote - fully equipped with Diet Dr Pepper, and a SuperValu bag all at the same time. That load captures a few weird stares, but I don’t care what they think. (I’m becoming more like my mother everyday – Kmart clerks better watch out!)

Sometimes I start out carrying the bag down at my side, but it doesn’t take but just a few steps for that bag to become cumbersome and straining making an adjustment necessary. I then hoist that bag up on my shoulder, making my walk in much easier. I can march straight ahead with determination to get to my destination, not limited by the weight upon me. One day last week when I went through this ritual, as I lofted the bag up onto my shoulder and I thought about how much difference it makes to carry something heavy up on my shoulder instead of dangling down at my side, my mind was carried away to my Jesus. I could see the scene from the movie Passion of the Christ in my mind. He had been beaten so severely, but instead of dragging that cross at His side, He heaved it up onto His shoulder and carried on. That cross that had all of my sin upon it was so heavy. His body was so broken. He was beaten, bleeding, and weary – but He carried forth with only you, me, and His destination in mind.

“…yet He Himself bore the sin of many, and interceded for the transgressors.”
Isaiah 53:12

The next time you heave something up on your shoulder to carry, whether it be a big computer bag like mine, a bag of dog food, you favorite little toddler, grass seed, or a piece of lumber, let it remind you of the cross that He hoisted up in love onto His shoulder, determined to make it to Calvary. Never for a moment did He think it was too heavy to bear.

God - I can’t wrap my mind around how much You must love me. Your word says it pleased You that Jesus was crushed. It pleased You to offer part of Yourself for someone such as I. I thank You that Your shoulder was strong enough to bear the weight of that cross and the weight of my sin. Jesus, I can’t wait to meet You face to face so that I can wash Your feet and dry them with my hair out of gratitude and worship.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. another great one, God has blessed you with an awsome talent.


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