Friday, June 11, 2010

Spiritual Vacation

Life gets tough sometimes and we get weary. Life is full of demands, activity, distractions, deadlines, expectations and often we find ourselves striving on our own to just make things happen, even good things, even Christian things. It’s exhausting.

That’s not what He meant for life to be, He tells us differently in Matthew 11:28.

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest.”

We race through every day life trying to just survive. But what happens on the other side of that so called “survival”? We are left just an empty shell – Numb, trying to catch our breath, so to speak, but never really reaching “survival” because the demands never stop. He says “come to Me”. Is that concept just too simple for us to grasp? To simply come to Him would require me and would require you to just STOP! Running full steam ahead in this life doesn’t really have a destination when you get down to it, but coming to Him does have a destination – a vacation for my soul. All of that “stuff” and activity required in my days will still be there tomorrow, be He wants to take me on a vacation TODAY, He wants my heart TODAY. If I can’t stop life from becoming a runaway train, I have to jump off the train and let Him catch me regularly.

He says that when we come to Him, all who come will be given rest. Are you tired, weary, burdened? I beg you to take a spiritual vacation. It won’t cost you anything except for surrendering a few moments of your time and thoughts. In only a few moments, there is much refreshment to be found with Him. What simple thing draws you close to Him, makes you aware of who He is? He wouldn’t offer rest if He didn’t have plenty to give.

God, I can hear the rumble of the train on the tracks in my life from the activities of the past few weeks, I choose now to jump off that runaway train and let you catch me if only for a few minutes. I pray the same things for my friends and family. I pray they would come to you for a vacation, for rest, for refreshment, for restoration and watch what you have to offer. I pray they are able to leave from that “vacation” with a souvenir or two to carry with them the rest of the day today.

Speaking of vacations, my family and I will be traveling for vacation ourselves. Please pray for safe travel and that we can enjoy each other as we go for a much needed recharge. Pray that we can return ready to serve Him with more passion and energy than ever before. You never know what He might teach me while we’re away, I’ll probably have a few nuggets posted for you along the way if technology cooperates. I love all of you and appreciate you taking time to read this every day.

Amy Dotson, RPDOTK (Royal Princess Daughter Of The King)
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