Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Riding the Waves

While dad relaxed reading a book on the beach, McKayla, Brenna, and I went out into the ocean for a while. They both loved the water and enjoyed it quite a bit. The waves were coming in regularly and I think they were surprised at how strong the force of the waves was. As I held on to Brenna when the waves would come in toward her, I could see excitement, anticipation, and just a touch of apprehension in her face. Although she was a little afraid of the wave pulling her under, she was enjoying riding on the waves as they came her way. She would giggle and say "here comes one" as she practically choked me grabbing around my neck. "Be careful mommy!" Then the wave would splash over us and we would both laugh. Before she could dry her eyes from that wave, she would get excited about the next one.

God, that's exactly how I feel on this journey with You. I am excited about where You will take me, what You will teach me, but I will be honest, sometimes I am a little apprehensive not knowing exactly what You have planned. Father, I will hold on to you as tightly as I can as the waves come in toward me and trust You to keep me in Your hand. I pray for the boldness to enjoy the waves and ride them to where ever you plan for us to go. Thank You for growing my love for You everyday through the simplest of life's lessons.
Amy Dotson, RPDOTK (Royal Princess Daughter of the King)
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