Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nature Drive

As I drove home from work and running errands yesterday evening, I noticed several of animals out in the open fields along the way. I saw a few ducks waddling along with each other on a mission to get somewhere, then a few miles later I saw a few deer in a field grazing. Had I been more observant, I probably would have glimpsed a few of God’s other creatures, but I saw enough for Him to teach me something. It amazes me how geese fly in formation for miles at a time. It amazes me how a little bird will take flight from the nest, never having flown before. It amazes me how the different creatures find others like themselves and travel together. Wildlife creatures don’t normally make a habit of hanging out where people are. They like to say in their own little environment, but if necessary, they will venture out in search of food, water, or whatever they need to survive, often endangering themselves to do so. It’s amazing to me how they naturally find creek beds and streams for a place to quench their thirst on a hot day.

What if we searched as fervently for God as the animals do when they search for food and water? Just like they need food and water, He is the One we need to survive. What if we were as determined as they are to get to what we need? We might search for a minute or two, but then settle for something we come across in life to nibble on which curbs our appetites, no longer starving for Him. We sip from a fountain that runs dry instead of drinking from the River of Life and having our thirst quenched. God’s creatures are brave enough to step out into a vast wide open, making themselves vulnerable in order to get what they need. How often am I willing to step out into dangerous territory to get closer to the One who feeds my soul? Am I willing to step out alone when no one steps out with me even if where I have to go is uncertain? Do I go out in search for others like me who share my faith so that we can travel together?

He is my Living Water, what lengths would I go to to find His stream? How far would I travel? How long would you search? How much effort do I exert searching Him out? Not enough to satisfy, when compared, the animals put me to shame.

Lord, it is my desire to have a heart like the one David speaks of in Psalms 42. I pray that my soul would pant for you as the deer pants for water. May my soul pant for you and nothing else. I pray for courage to step out, even if it means stepping out alone, to seek after you. I pray that seeking you would be so much of my nature, that I don’t give danger from doing so a second thought. God help me learn to stop nibbling on the things around me which quench my appetite for the only real food for my spirit. Grow my endurance that I may pass up the fountains that run dry so that I can drink Living Water. Thank you for always being present, even in the midst of the mundane, ordinary things like driving home from work every day. Thank you for your willingness to teach me daily, you always have a lesson planned!

Amy Dotson, RPDOTK (Royal Princess Daughter Of The King)
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