Thursday, December 9, 2010

VERY Wise Men

We talked about the wise men yesterday and how they listened to God’s instruction. Today let’s talk a little more about these “wise” men, I would venture to even say VERY wise men.

You can read about the Wise Men, also called Magi, in Matthew 2. They arrive in Jerusalem with one question, “Where is He?”. They had studied the Scriptures and the skies and knew that a star would come forth from Jacob (Numbers 24:17) and when they saw that star, they began a very long journey following it.

They followed the star for thousands of miles to meet this Christ child and to see Him with their own eyes. The hot desert days and cool desert nights must have made them weary travelers at times, but they kept seeking Him. The brightness of that star surely was mesmerizing to them since studying the stars was their way of life. They knew this was no ordinary star, and kept following.

They sought Him until they found Him.

They knew they were getting close to the King of the Jews when they arrived in Jerusalem which was just north of Bethlehem, and they began to ask the question “Where is He?” Since the magi were calling Him the King of the Jews, Herod got a little suspicious of the situation and called together his “wise men”, the chief priests and the scribes, who were responsible for translating the sacred books and interpreting difficult scriptures. They advised King Herod that the Scriptures said the child would be born in Bethlehem.

The Wise Men head toward Bethlehem and the star leads the way again….

Until it came and stood over where the Child was. Matthew 2:9

The magi were beside themselves when they saw the star stand still, the verses say they rejoiced exceedingly. They rejoiced more than enough! Let's put it this way, you would have already had to shush them if they were your children, telling them "Okay okay, calm down." Exceedingly!

And they came into the house and saw the Child with Mary His mother; and they fell down and worshiped Him…”

Did you catch that? They fell down and worshipped a CHILD. Adults flat on their faces at the feet of a little child, less than two years old, worshiping that Child. Have you ever seen that happen? Oh sure, we goo and gaa and play peek a boo with little ones and we love to gaze upon them because they’re so cute. Their sweet little fat fingers and stubby little toes - we just have to touch ‘em. But this was more than their eye being caught by the Child’s cuteness. They fell down and worshiped. They worshiped a person who by His stature and position at the time seemed incapable of providing an answer to the world’s problems.

But that in itself is the wonderful part of this scripture - they fell down and worshiped Him, not because of a prayer that He could answer, a disease that He could heal, a mountain He could move.


They fell down and worshiped just because of who He was.

When He was so small it seemed He had nothing to offer, they worshiped.

They worshiped a toddler, 100% fully God and 100% human, just because of who He was. He hadn’t died for anyone’s sin yet, He hadn’t healed a blind man yet, He hadn’t raised the dead yet. He was still in diapers and He was worshiped.

VERY Wise Men.

Jesus, oh that we would get to this special place in our journey with You, that we fall down and worship You not because of something You have done, something You can do, or because of something we need, but simply because of who You are. May we seek more OF You instead of more FROM You.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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