Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Piece of the Worm - Rerun

Have you ever looked into a nest of baby birds? Baby birds, in my opinion, are some of the ugliest, yet most precious creatures. They’re practically bald, their eyes aren’t open, their bodies are clumsy. If they try to move in the nest, they just fall over because their legs won’t hold them. What happens when they sense you near the nest? This is the precious part – they lift their heavy heads and throw them back as far as they can prying that mouth, which is enormous in comparison to the rest of their bodies, open as wide as they can. They’ve been waiting for momma to come back to the nest with food for them. They wait for their piece of the worm. The sad thing is they can easily mistake any noise for momma’s arrival. They can’t see who or what is really there.

If I am not connected with Jesus as closely as I need to be, its easy to open myself up to whatever life or people want to “feed me”, just like those little birds. My eyes, much like theirs, aren’t open to everything that is going on around me, so I can’t discern who it is that brings me food. Is it my Father, or is it someone else?

Listen to what God says – I love this verse:

     “I, the Lord, am your God, who brought you up from the land of Egypt; Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.” Psalms 81:10

He’s got everything we need to fill us, and he wants to. He says “open your mouth wide and I will fill it”. Often we let everything else fill us up, so much that we have no appetite when He arrives with our nourishment, our worm. He has the perfect food for us, He knows just what we need to survive, yet we settle for the first thing to arrive to the nest, which is normally junk. It has no lasting significance. That momma bird knows exactly what to bring them, and I love to watch it happen. It amazes me how she brings little pieces of a worm to them and just drops it right in their mouths. It’s just what they need and before you know it, a day or two goes by, and they have grown and look totally different. They grow out of that awkwardness and are able to stand and hop around, and soon, they learn to fly.

Lord I pray for my friends and family as well as myself today that we would throw our heads back and open our mouths only for You. When we sense you near, I pray that we open our mouths wide in total abandon for what You have for us. I pray, God, that we would close our mouths to anything that is not what You want to fill us and wait for You to bring us “our piece of the worm”, exactly what we need to grow more today. If we keep that up, soon we will be able to hop around the nest stretching our wings, in anticipation of You teaching us to fly.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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