Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Simpler Times

As I drove home from work last night, I noticed a home that had Christmas lights, but not the same ones as everyone else. One solitary shrub in their front yard was all dressed up in lights, but instead of the mini lights like the rest of us, these were the old fashioned lights with the great big bulbs. My heart was instantly transported back to childhood at the sight of those lights and my heart longed for simpler times.

Times when we as kids just enjoyed the season without the worries and the fuss. One year I specifically remember a certain red suited visitor arriving at our home. The funny thing was, my sister, April, and I were in our room doing what we did most often, fighting, when Santa knocked on our front door. I was shocked to find out that 1- he had an oversized “elf” with him and 2- that he knew we were fighting. Although my sister and I deserved this little Christmas “scare” to make us walk a tighter line, I think Momma actually planned it because of my little brother, who was giving her a run for her money, if you know what I mean!

By the time the visit was all said and done, I think Santa had to invest in a new beard, because my brother had been sure to get his candy cane all in his white fluffiness. I remember sitting there looking at the mess he was creating and thinking, “Momma is going to whip you!”

Simpler times.

Then there were the Christmases with our itty bitty Christmas tree…..

Momma sat it atop the coffee table to make it look bigger and it was all the same to us.

Simpler times.

While I drove on, I contemplated just what was simpler about those times. As my mind went through the pages of my family’s history, I realized that really nothing was simpler. It was just simpler for me. Momma and Daddy still had the same worries and concerns as parents of us as we do for our children. They still struggled in the everyday. Oh yes, the world seems a meaner place now, I won’t deny that, but I think the thought of life being simpler then came from my lack of worry or fear. I certainly think that my parents would say even today, if you asked them, that those days weren’t so simple.

We all can experience simpler times when we allow faith to take over instead of logic. That’s what was so much simpler then, I trusted my parents for everything and had no question about the tomorrows.

How much simpler could our lives be if that is how we lived every day? Trusting God completely for everything without question about tomorrow. Without trying to “figure things out”. Just living for Him. Trusting completely in His character.

The eyes I see in those pictures from our childhood look different than the eyes I see staring back at me in later pictures. It seems that sparkle of trust is not quite as bright and that is something I want to work on.

Matthew 18:4 -
Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

We don't have to have it all figured out, we don't have to try.  We have to be humble enough to let go and let Him do things His way.

What about the sparkle of trust in your eyes? Is it still there?

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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