Monday, August 2, 2010

Right Where I'm Supposed To Be

As I pack my things to return home to my comfortable surroundings, many things swirl through my mind. There have been several moments of feeling insignificant and overwhelmed while I have been here, for there are so many women here much more qualified women to attend than me, and there have been one or maybe ten times I have thought "what was I thinking?". This place has been bustling with women who already speak, who already write books, there have been publishers, agents, you name it.

As I left one of my classes, a class I now know was way over my head, I was more than a little downcast and, truthfully, wanted to get in my car and come home. I wondered if I had misinterpreted His leading by coming. God, being the loving Father that He is, knew how I was feeling.  He was aware that deep down inside I felt like a little girl who wanted to run home to momma. I sat down for lunch and introduced myself to the woman already sitting there. She returned the greeting introducing herself as "Susan".

That's my mom's name.    Isaiah 66:13  "As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you."

After lunch He reminded me of the prayer room that had been set up for us to use whenever needed. I went there because I needed feel His presence and I did the very moment I walked into that room. On the tables every woman's name was written on a piece of paper next to a specific verse that had been prayed for them. I was excited to see what was written there and I just knew He would have a special message for me.

He did.

In haste I wrote down all of the scripture references they had for my name, I knelt and prayed for a few moments, and then rushed off to my next class. He gave me enough strength to press on for at least one more teaching time, and the next class was much more my speed. As I listened to the teacher, I felt Him reaffirming to me that I am me. There is no one like me. He did not create me to be like any of these amazing ladies I have admired as they stand on the platform. He wants me to be me. Write what He tells me, speak His words. That's it. Just obey.

At the close of the evening I went back to my room. Just before crawling into bed, I dug out the little note I had scribbled in the prayer room. I wanted to treasure hunt the scriptures that had been prayed for me, but I didn't have to hunt at all.  He had a diamond on display just for me, that could not have been placed in that room without His design.

Here is what I read:

"........and His resting place shall be glorious."  Isaiah 11:10

Now, I ask you to scroll up to the top of this screen and read the scripture that I typed on my blog header over four months ago.

I knew in that moment I was right where I was supposed to be.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. Hi Amy! I definitely identify with the feelings you had at She Speaks. God definitely puts us in uncomfortable situations to grow in us greater confidence and faith. What a great testimony to see you had the exact same verse in the prayer room that's on your blog. God is awesome..way awesome!!

  2. Our God is so amazing!!! We are all significant in His eyes. Can't wait to hear about your weekend

  3. Just another kiss from God and i know your right where your supposed to be.+

  4. Thanks for the tears! LOL! I can't wait to hear about your weekend. That is about the coolest thing I've seen yet with that verse just reafirming that you are exactly where he wants you! There is no other explanation for that verse to be the exact same! He's saying look the same God that made you capable 4 mos ago is is the same God that had you there over the weekend. Now that's BIG! - Brittany


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