Wednesday, August 18, 2010


N/A. Not applicable. Does not apply. We see this abbreviation often, and since one of my responsibilities at my job is to complete all sorts of forms, I use it probably daily. I have been known to fill in a blank with “N/A” on occasion because, frankly, I have no idea what the form is really asking. I “fill the space” with N/A to see if that will pacify the questioner allowing me to scoot on through whatever process it is.

Let me ask you a question. If your life and the display of your relationship with God were a form, in how many blanks would you put the popular abbreviation “N/A”? If your response is like the one inside of me at the moment, you’re really wanting to put a big N/A over this whole thought! Where in my life do I say that Jesus doesn’t apply?

Practically speaking, does He apply to everyday situations? Let’s role play for a minute.

You’re on your way to work and have to stop to pick up something important from, let’s say, a certain store whose catch phrase is currently “Save Money. Live Better.” You have just barely enough time to get what you need. You trek through the store, then are required to search for the item, because of course, it has been moved since the last time you purchased it, finally retrieve it, and head to the front of the store to the one, I repeat one, checkout that is actually open, just in time for someone to zip right in front of you with a cart so heavy the person can barely steer it, then that person realizes they forgot something and leaves the lane for what seems like 30 minutes, returns, scrutinizes every price that comes up on the little display, and at the end whips out her file bursting at the seams with coupons. You shuffle your feet, try not to glare -I mean stare, check your watch, think to yourself now, she has all day to do her shopping, why couldn’t she just wait ‘til later when all the people who work are AT WORK.

Does Jesus apply here?

Let’s think of another scenario – one that just might have actually occurred one recent evening in the life of someone who authors a blog entitled Beyond Sunday Morning. I said MIGHT HAVE. I had to leave work an hour early so that I could accompany my oldest daughter to a meeting at school, which was important. I didn’t want to arrive late and still had to go home and meet up with my family. As I hop in my car, in my mind I’m thinking zippety doo dah, let’s go people, its all about me, I got places to be! Right away I get behind this too long for its own good car at the stoplight. We finally get the green and I’m ready to roll, but she, apparently, prefers puttering to rolling. A good 10 minutes later, it seemed, we made it across the intersection just in time for her to come to almost a complete stop to make a right hand turn into of all things Red’s Donuts, at four o’clock in the afternoon! Meanwhile, Mr. Pickup Truck, who is doing more than rolling, barrels through the intersection headed straight for my bumper. Thankfully, he was paying attention. The next thing I know my hands are off the steering wheel, in the air, and I confess, they weren’t in the air praising Jesus, and I say “Would you just turn already?!” All the while thinking to myself, what on earth does she need from Red’s Donuts at this time of day?

Did Jesus apply here? Let’s keep digging.

Your coworker, you hear through the grapevine, has spoken hurtful things about you? Does Jesus apply in how you respond?

You don’t really have the money to buy a certain item that you want and decide to charge it instead. Does Jesus apply?

Your child’s coach or teacher is being unfair. Does Jesus apply?

You don’t share the same opinion as a fellow believer on something. Does Jesus apply?

The game is close, the ump, ref, official, whichever fits, makes a call you don’t agree with – Does Jesus apply?

Someone honks at you at the red light because you didn’t take off fast enough. (I promise that wasn’t me – I don’t do that!) Does Jesus apply?

The answer to all of these questions is yes. He applies to all of them, every situation. Even in my situation with the donut lady. I did not respond with grace and gentleness like I should have, as soon as I flung my hands in the air, God’s Spirit reminded me that I could have given someone the wrong idea of Him. You and I are His flesh and blood representatives in the day to day. We can either build His reputation or tear it down. He is not a god who only applies to Sunday morning, He is a God who applies in the everyday. There is not a situation we will encounter in our lives where N/A is an acceptable response to fill our blanks with. He gave us His word so that we have an answer for every blank, and His Spirit to prompt us of those answers.

In what areas can we change our responses or attitudes from Jesus does not apply (N/A) to responses or attitudes that seek to make Him apply?

Please forgive me for the times where I don’t apply You to the everyday. I know that You apply in every situation, but often my actions say I believe the lie that you don’t. God please open my eyes to the blanks in my life where I have written “N/A” and give me your wisdom, courage, strength and heart to fill in the blank with the correct answer, Jesus. I am so thankful that You didn’t look down from eternity to say that His blood does not apply to me. What if You had left me out like I leave You out? I would have absolutely no hope and certainly no future. I thank You that your word is crammed full of answers to the everyday questions. You spoke then and You still speak today.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. Ouch! I'm wounded. Good things wounds from a friend can be trusted (Prov 27:6) :) Love You, Britt


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