Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beings not Doings

I heard someone say this statement on the radio “We were created as human beings, not as human doings” and I would love to give credit to the proper person, but I cannot retrieve that little tidbit of information from the central processing unit buried beneath my skull. Often my brain operates a lot like my computer at work. You know that little hour glass that pops up? My computer frequently has to “think for a minute”, and my brain frequently has to think for more than a minute, and sometimes, well, it just needs the control + alt+ delete treatment because the task manager is overloaded. If you’re ever speaking to me and I give you a blank stare for a couple of seconds concerning something we have already spoken about, just know that my hour glass has popped up and I’ll catch up in a few seconds. If I don’t, just blame it on the motherboard!

I am so guilty of overload, not only in my mind, but in my schedule and that is not God’s desire for me. There is a reason we were created as human beings and not as human doings, He knows our limits, but more importantly, He knows we need to take time to just "be". To be in His presence, to rest in His love, to recharge from His strength. We can’t “be” if our focus is what we “do”. If I am too busy doing, even doing good things, I won’t take time to be still, be quiet long enough to know, realize, and be reminded of who He IS.

God made it clear in Jeremiah 17 as he told Jeremiah how important it was to keep the Sabbath. He wanted the people to stop bringing work in through the gates of the city, to stop carrying their loads in and out of their houses, He asked them to stop doing any work of any kind on the Sabbath to set it aside as a holy, special day. A day to rest – a day to be. He promised them if they obeyed that they would be blessed with a descendant of David enthroned as their king always and that their city would remain forever. This was a good promise to them, cities were taken over and destroyed in the blink of an eye in their culture, so to be told that the city would remain forever was huge. They had the promise of security. But - He also warned them what would happen if they chose NOT to set aside a Sabbath.

“But if you do not listen to Me to keep the sabbath day holy by not carrying a load and coming in through the gates of Jerusalem on the sabbath day, then I shall kindle a fire in its gates, and it will devour the palaces of Jerusalem and not be quenched.” Jeremiah 17:27

They had a choice. They could stop doing and just be, or they could continue in their doing, but eventually there would be nothing to do, because He would destroy all of the things they were working so hard for and toward. I guess if that happened, all they could do at that point would be to just be.

Lord, You make it very clear in your Scripture that You do not want us running back and forth in constant activity, even if it is activity for You. Many of the things I do are for You and for your kingdom, but often they crowd out the time to just be with You and the time to simply rest. You will accomplish your kingdom’s plan even if your people take a sabbath. You don’t need me, You will unfold your plan with or without me, and even You took a day to rest when You created the heavens and the earth. If I work, but do not spend time with You, You can destroy the very things I am working at. You will get my attention. Father, please nudge me from within when I have been doing more than You intend and remind me that You are calling me to be. Be still. Be yours. It is in the moments of being that I can hear your voice so crisply, only then will I know what You really want me to do.

I have to be
To know who He is
To find out who I am

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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