Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Phone Lines and Ownership

My oldest daughter is approaching the tween years, and the signs are all around us! One of those signs is the phone, since school has started, and her social life is budding, it rings several times in an evening. It’s never for me. I answer it to hear the question, “Is McKayla there?”

After about the thirteenth call of the night (same few kids, they all just call multiple times), I catch the thought going through my mind, Last time I checked this was my phone and none of the calls that come through on it are for me. What’s wrong with this picture? It’s my phone, I paid the bill, and she’s the one doing all the talking.

Tonight after the third call within a 20 minute time frame, I was thinking the above thoughts and even admit that I had a little sassiness to me as I mocked the caller’s voice with “Is McKayla there?” in the closest 5th grade voice I could impersonate. As I grumbled to myself about ownership of the phone, the Holy Spirit reminded me of something spiritual through something practical.

When I accepted Jesus as my Savior, my life became His. 1 Corinthians 6:19 says “you are not your own.” My life doesn’t belong to me anymore. It is His to do with as he pleases. Verse 20 goes on to say “For you have been bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body.” I can’t say this any simpler than this, he paid the bill. I pay the phone bill, He paid the life bill. It’s my phone. It’s His life.

Sad thing is, there’s always someone else using the life He bought, and that someone is me! We go through life living it as we please, coming and going as we wish without any concern that the days we are living are not ours. I like for my daughter to ask permission before making a call, do you think maybe we should ask God’s permission before we use our days? Instead, we spend them with an attitude of possession. Just like my daughter acts as if the phone is hers, I act like my life is mine. It’s not, it’s His.

My purpose on this earth is to glorify Him. That’s the reason we are all here, to bring Him glory. I have no capability in my fleshly state to do such, I can only accomplish that by allowing Him to live and love through me. I challenge you and I challenge myself to let the Owner of our lives use our days for a change, He’s been patiently waiting. I bet He’s excited at the opportunity to use them, and I am sure that what He would do with our lives would have a much more effective outcome.

You are not your own. You have been bought with a price.

God, once again this subject of how I spend my days comes to the surface. I stop right now and ask You, since this day is yours from the beginning, how would You like me to use it? Where would You send me, what would You have me say, what would You have me do? I sit at your feet surrendering that this life is yours to own, You paid my sin debt. I made the exchange with You, You took my deserved death, and gave me your life divine. I will listen for your instruction and your direction as I face today. In your Holy Name. Amen

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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