Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Music and Lyrics

I love music, always have. As I think back to how long I have loved music, I really can’t find a definite beginning, but I do remember being obsessed with the 80’s hit “We Are the World.” We had this old radio, AM radio might I add, out in the garage high atop Dad’s mammoth work bench. That work bench was covered in layers of old grease. My sister and I would climb up there, scared to death we would see a mouse, to plug in that radio, hoping and praying that our favorite station 57KYX would come in clear enough to listen to our favorite tunes. We would ride our matching mint green 10 speeds up and down the sidewalk as we listened, singing at the tops of our lungs. I distinctly remember the week that “We Are the World” fell from the #1 slot, hearing Casey Kasem’s voice announcing its slip from the coveted position. My dad happened to be outside and I, as passionately as I could at that age, tried to communicate to him my concern about what would happen to all of the poor African children this song was supposed to be helping now that it was beginning its exit from the music charts.

On most any given week, April and I could tell you at least the top 3 songs in the nation according to the top 40 countdown, and that love for music continued to grow throughout my life. I remember not only loving the songs on the radio, but I also loved singing the old hymns in the little church we attended. Since my mom was the pianist, we sang with her often at home during the week as she practiced, which is one of my fondest memories.

As I grew, I continued to love hymns, and now I love contemporary Christian Music as well. He speaks to me so directly and clearly through music, through lyrics, and the combination of the two. Sometimes, I feel His presence so strongly, in a song that I get goose bumps, and this week I had one of those moments during my drive to work. I was listening to an old Casting Crowns CD, and the song Lifesong was playing. As I thought about what the words meant, I thought of a question.

If my life were a song, what kind of song would it be? What music? What lyrics?

If your life were a song, what kind of song would it be? Would it be a Tear In My Beer country ballad, pining over how terrible things had turned out; a slowly dragging blues number; a C&C Music Factory “Everybody Dance Now” party song as you “live it up” while avoiding real, even eternal issues; a Michael Bolton or Frank Sinatra love song that desperately begs for the attention and devotion of another; a hip hop rap number that leaves the impression that you better not be messed with; a classical piece that flows smooth and controlled? I’m sure you can think of another example that I have left out, but this is a start. I’m not saying any one of these types of music in themselves are necessarily wrong, but are they the songs that our lives sing?

What music and lyrics would be written about my days?

Father, I pray that the music and lyrics played and sung from my life would be a song of praise, a song of honor, a song of thanksgiving, a song with a magnetic pull for others to your Kingdom. Lord, I shutter to think of some of the lyrics to the songs my life has sang. Every one of those songs, I have authored myself and I am not proud of any of them. They were not and will never compare to the song you can play through me. God I pray that You would be the author to my lyrics, the composer to my music. I need your guidance to live a life that walks to the beat of a different drum. A top 40 hit is not good enough when I think of the gift You gave and the price You paid. May my heart play a melody back to you today. What a priviledge it will be to worship You in song throughout all eternity.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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