Monday, August 30, 2010

Morning, Noon, and Night

When I am troubled, whatever seems to be disturbing me finds its way to the front of my mind throughout the day. I think on it morning, noon, and night, turning it over in my mind with all of the what ifs, whys, and hows. This never brings peace within my soul, it brings confusion, uncertainty, and chaos. I would dare say that most of you can identify with what I am describing to you. If you find yourself in such a place today, let me encourage you with something else we can do morning, noon, and night to take place of all of the what ifs, hows, and whys. Psalms 55:16-17:

As for me, I will call upon God and the Lord shall save me.
Evening and morning and at noon I will pray,
And cry aloud
And he shall hear my voice.

When the walls feel like they are closing in and there is no hope, cry out to Him morning, noon, and night. There is truth in this verse that we must believe and rely on if we are ever to make it through the wilderness we sometimes find ourselves in.

The first truth is “the Lord will save me”, this phrase means He will defend you, He will rescue you, He will help you, He will keep you safe. Call out to Him to defend you in your situation, to rescue you, to help you, to keep you safe and stand believing His word applies to you. There is life that comes from believing His word specifically for your situation. This isn’t just a history book, its real. I have experienced the power of His Word and I can’t stress enough the importance of believing His Word in the deepest places within you.

“And cry aloud and He shall hear my voice. When we cry out, He hears, it doesn’t say that he “might hear”. It says He shall, He will hear. This word “hear” translates as - listens closely, listens attentively, but my favorite definition was comprehends. He comprehends what is breaking your heart. Although we sometimes can’t figure out why a baby is crying, He comprehends why you cry out to Him.

Let’s move on to “my voice”, I was excited to learn that one of the meanings of voice was “bleating”. We are the sheep of His pasture, and sheep bleat. He keenly hears your voice, your bleating, and its as if He shushes the Heavens and says “Shhh! Listen! Everyone quiet. I hear one of my sheep.” He leans His ear toward us and listens attentively to the cry. If one of our children is crying aloud, disturbed, what do we do? As parents, we pick them up, we draw them close to our hearts, we soothe them, we comfort them. We love them until the tears subside. We are given that instinct by our Parent, our Heavenly Father, I believe that when we cry out to Him, when our heart mourns, He will swaddle us in His arms and soothe us morning, noon, and night.

Father, I cry out to you for many people today. I know you hear my bleating because this verse tells me you do. My heart is disturbed for them and I pray that each one will come to you morning, noon, and night, as if coming to you is the meal they need to survive, and cry out. As the Perfect Father, reach down, pull them to safety, swaddle them in your arms. Press their ear to your chest that they may hear your heart for them beating. I do believe if they can ever hear how your heart beats for them, that it will soothe away the tears and the pain to get them from morning to noon, noon to evening, and evening back to morning. I pray that their souls will be sustained on the food of your comfort.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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