Monday, January 2, 2012

What One Word?

I have never been one to make New Year's Resolutions. I don't know why, I've just never really been a fan of them.  But - last January when KLOVE began promoting chosing one word to be your theme for the year, I loved that idea.  Huge goal like organizing my recipes,cleaning out my closets, losing 50lbs, exercising 5 days a week - no.  But one word, I could do. 

I mulled over for several days what my "one word" should be.  I didn't want this idea to be something that I thought of for January only, I sought a word that I really could carry with me and use for inspiration all year.  I wanted God to change me through that one word.

Finally I got it.


Intentional because there was a recurring theme rising to the surface in my life and it was a bad case of the "I shoulda-coulda-woulda's and oughta's".   Life was passing by and I was barely making it through each day, doing what "had to be done" that day and that was it.  My intentions were always good, but they rarely happened.  When I allow life to dictate, it leaves no room for blessing other people and blessing other people brings such refreshment.  By being more intentional about the things I was putting off, I could even allow myself to be more refreshed.  It was time to be more intentional and dictate life instead of it dictating me.

Many times throughout 2011, a thought would occur to do something simple like send a card or make a phone call and instead of dismissing the thought to "when I get time" as usual, my word would come to mind.

It was like the Spirit would nudge me and say, "You said you wanted to me more intentional..." Let me just tell ya, don't take the Holy Sprit as an accountability partner unless your serious!;)  He means business.

I can honestly say, though I still have a long way to go, looking back, I did live more intentionally in 2011 with God's help.

As I've thought about a new word for 2012, nothing new has came to mind because I don't think God is finished with me in the "intentionality" department.  He confirmed that last night as Todd and I were talking.  We were discussing issues in ministry and what and where we can do things differently.  Long story short, he looked at me and said, "So, we need to be more intentional."

I had never really shared with him my word for last year, it was just something I had shared with God, so when my husband made this statement, it was confirmation that, yes, intentional is still my word for 2012. 

Did you have a word for 2011?  How did it go? What's your new word for this year?

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. Still praying through this one....ONE word is so hard :)

  2. Well, I finally have a word for 2012

    My word is attitude - I want to have an attitude like Joseph & not harbor bitterness or grumble & just do the right thing because it is the right thing to do

    Farrah Newton


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