Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Can It Just Be You and Me Today?

Exchange whispers with God before shouts to the world.
I love when a fresh way of saying something makes a regular old part of my life seem new.  Lysa TerKeurst gave those words of advice on her recent Made to Crave webcast and they stuck with me.  Someday I want to post those words in our room so that they're the first thing I see each morning. 

Whispers - a word so delicate and precious coupled with shouts, a word whose very nature commands attention.  Delicate whispers spoken with a Mighty God carry the power to change a strong shout, impacting the world differently.   That statement has been a channel allowing for some wonderful God moments for me this week.

Since first hearing this nugget, I have been intentional about putting it into practice.  You see, I'm more of a nightowl, as I've mentioned before, and mornings just aren't my thing.  Yes, I often share thoughts with Him as I go through my morning routine, but the bulk of my personal prayer and study takes place at night.

No wonder I often feel stretched and stressed the moment I step from the comforts of my home out into the real world, I'm stepping out unprepared.  Unarmed.  A preschool concept with a masters degree impact on my everyday life.  All I need to do is whisper.....

One day this week I reluctantly arose from slumber and went through our morning routine. The next thing I know, I was more than halfway to work and suddenly realized I had exchanged no whispers.

I turned off my radio, repeated the statement in my mind and began whispering to HimI mentioned a few whispers, and then specifically asked God to heal a particular situation in my life.  Immediately I felt His response -
No, Amy, I want to heal YOU.
The answer was so bold within my spirit that immediately tears began to flow, as I said, "Please do, please heal me.  Please do."  I drove on and just a few moments later I was approaching my stop.  Having just felt His voice very real and knowing His presence so near, the last thing I wanted to do was leave the comfort and safety I was in. 

I whispered more -

Oh, God, I'm getting ready to get out of this car - and I don't want to - 'cause it's not going to be just You and me any more....  It's going to be You -  me - and the rest of the world... But could you make it like it's just you and me some today?  Could you do that for me?

Oh, my beloved sisters, He did.

And He did.

And He did.

The morning flew as I scratched thoughts onto scraps of paper as He taught me.

This is where the healing begins.  

Just You and me.


And everyday.

Friends, the great thing about our God is, He doesn't just want to be personal with some of us, He wants to be that personal with ALL of us.  Whisper with Him today.  Those small whispers I uttered, God used to completely change the shouts I made with the rest of the world for the entire day.  I believe the same will happen for you.

It can be just you and Him today, He'll do that for you.

For those of you who were wondering about the answer to I Spy, the answer was - God sees you!  Hope you had fun with that little game, you might see it pop up again soon.  By the way, thank you to all of you who posted to let us know you had found it, it was really fun for me too!

Biggest Blessings Today and Always,

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. Amy, this is so true..when I begin to whisper the name of Jesus and my thoughts and request to Him.. the presence of the Lord is so real to me and I never want to leave HIS presence... however most of the time I'm so loud that I can't hear him speaking to me...Oh that I could remember to whisper to Him every moment of the day...Thanks for sharing this today... I love you my friend. Linda


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