Friday, January 13, 2012

I Spy

When McKayla was in preschool, we were in the car one Saturday afternoon.  She was all buckled in her booster seat in the back when her sweet little voice said to me, "I spy wif my widdle eye sumpting that is boo."  And she chuckled.

I was tickled at her preschool way of pronouncing her words, yes, but I was more tickled that she had learned to play "I Spy".  It was something she had learned at preschool that I had no idea about, so it was fun to play it together.

Have you ever played I spy?  If you haven't, here's the gist of how we played.  The spy picks out something in their surroundings without revealing the identity and only shares the color.  The guesser looks around trying to figure out what it is that the spy sees.

Make sense?

Good, cause we're going to play I spy today.  We're playing scripture I spy.  I spot something in the Bible and you figure out what it is.

Sound fun?

I thought it did. 

Here we go -

I spy with my little eye something about our God. 

I'll give you a hint. Instead of a color, I'll give you a verse.

I spy with my little eye something about our God and it's in Genesis 16:13.

Now - you look around in Genesis 16:13 and see if you can figure out what it is.

When you do, post a comment letting us know you found it.  Don't say what it is so that everybody gets a chance to play, just say something like "I got it!" or "I figured it out."

I'll post the answer in a few days and you can see if you were right!

Have fun - Love you all.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. By George I think I got it.....Mitzi

  2. I think so too...but I have questions about the end of the

  3. I got it too. - Kristi

  4. Got it! And Dawson was stuck on this game just a few days ago. It's hard when they don't get the concept that it can't be something you just!

  5. I know! They don't always play fair, do they? :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Got it and I LOVE it!! Karen Edwards

  8. Praise God! I got it too.


  9. I also Got it and feel so blessed!


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