Thursday, December 29, 2011

Unchanging Change

"This could be the year God changes everything"

When I read this quote at the beginning of 2011, something about it stirred my spirit.  I can't say for sure why, but I knew that I knew that I knew that it meant change for me and my family.  You probably have noticed I have had this quote on my blog all year, and as it has remained and I have wondered what God was doing the whole time it has been there.

Of course, I assumed that change that would be all warm and fuzzy.  Change to make our life easier, more "picture perfect".

Can someone play the annoying buzzer from Family Feud please?  Cause I was WAY wrong.

This HAS been a year of change.  A year of unsettling, so to speak.

There have lots of valleys and days of uncertainty, but one thing has not been uncertain.

My God.

Yes, I have begged Him to remove and resolve difficult situations over the past year, and He hasn't.

Yes, I've even been angry with Him at times, and He understood.

When life has seemed very confusing on several occasions, He has remained. 


You may remember that I began reading the One Year Chronological Bible in January.

In the midst of this year of change, God's word, His voice and presence through it, have been what has sustained me.  Todd began reading it along with me back in the summer and we have both learned so much from the stories of old.  Through each day and every page God has taught me more and more about His nature, His love, His sovereignty, His grace.  And, yes, I could go on and on, but let's just simply say, He has been my Friend who sticketh closer than a brother.

Sometimes the simplest word has made a verse so very profound.

Because the scriptures are arranged in the order in which they happened (as closely as possible, anyway), it has been like reading more of a story instead of just chapters and verses.  The characters have seemed more real and less like characters.  I remember feeling heartbreak when David was separated from his dear friend, Johnathan, he loved him so much.  I have longed for someone like Nathan the prophet in my life.  I awed at the favor bestowed upon Joseph. My heart ached for Moses as he climbed the mountain, knowing it would be his final resting place.  As he reached the top, God allowed him a glimpse of the vast land the Israelites would possess - without him.  How bittersweet it must have been for him to lead the people for so long, yet not experience it.  I could see the disgust in Jesus face at the Pharisees and the love in His eyes when He said, "It is finished."

In the words of Moses, "These instructions are not empty words, they are your life!" Deuteronomy 31:47.  His words have been my life.

In fact, we have started an Adult Sunday School Class and this is our "literature".  If you are interested in joining our class, we would be honored to have you.  I posted an image of the chronological Bible we use, it is the NLT translation. There are several different chronological arrangements out there, and they all differ a little.  These are available at,, (ahem - where I just happen to know they are on sale at right now), and I'm sure many other places.  It is even available for Kindle users.  Of course you don't have to have this, you can use your own Bible, but it's so much easier to read along when it is all arranged for you in day by day format without interruptions.  Trust me - I'm speaking from experience.  If you have any questions feel free to email me at or Todd at

His words have been the highlight of my 2011.  Although, I am not sad to see 2011 go, I am grateful that He has counted us worthy of the journey and I sure hope to have learned everything He wanted me to learn so that I don't have to repeat this course!

What has 2011 meant to you and yours?  Has God brought about change?  What have you clung to this year?

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  1. Pretty much the same as you...change...but not the warm, fuzzy, exciting kind for the most part. However, it has been a year of him proving his great faithfulness in so many ways I'm going to sit down later and write them down. I had to cling to HIM. I had a lot of questions answered this year...mainly....was it all about HIM for me? Is he really enough with nothing else added? HE IS! HE IS! Even if things around me weren't all I had envisioned or dreamed....I was at peace and drew closer to him than ever! When everything else seems to become unfamiliar and falling down....HE IS THE THERE...HE IS THE SAME......I found this verse yesterday and wrote it down....."In all that has happened to us, you have been just; you have acted faithfully" Nehemiah 9:33 and also, "because of your great compassion you did not abandon (me)....(you) did not cease to guide (me). Nehemiah 9:19...I'm still in a place that is very unfamiliar and I'm not sure it's coming to a close just yet, but I know that he is there and he is guiding still. I only have one priority...make myself available and sit with him....he will do the rest and that is a promise I can rely on for 2012!
    Happy New Year Everyone!

  2. My heart is the same as your and Brittanys. God gave us the verse Heb 10:23 and Heb 12:1 (specifically: "let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely") We had no idea how God would use those words this year. His promises are all the more precious to us as we close it out, because YES. HE IS FAITHFUL. He is close, He is true, He is our refuge, strength, and our one and only Hope. This is what we have clung too. With all our lives, with our breath that sometimes has been too painful to take on our own. Praying to continue learning His perspective and faith thru the 2012 journey.


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