Monday, April 11, 2011

Dandelions in My Life


Weeds or Flowers?....

For our purposes today, let's just say we all agree they are weeds, ok?  My husband likes to keep our yard looking so - so, and dandelions cramp his style just a wee bit.  He mows the yard one day, and the next, there is a little surprise waiting to introduce itself to him, if you know what I mean.  This does not make him happy!

What do dandelions have to do with us?  Well, when it comes to matters of our heart, there are many similarities.  In its early stages, it produces a sweet puffy soft little bloom that has been picked by many a child in an attempt to show Mommy affection.  But, in a very short amount of time, that little bloom resembles a weed that is primed and ready to spread its seed.

It no longer resembles that cute little golden button of a flower.  Every seed that is carried away from the dandelion by any means has the potential to produce another weed if it lands in or near soil that is fertile on any level.  (  And - those seeds are often carried as many as 5 miles from their origin!  (  The seeds can sprout right on the soil's surface at any time of year, which allows new plants to grow easily. If the plant is cut off, it can also regrow. (

Once those seeds take root, that little plant plans on staying around for a while considering the roots of a dandelion can extend as far as 15 feet into the ground!  However, usually 6 to 18 inches deep according to .  Little plant, deep root.

And where there is one..................

There will soon be many.

Isn't that how things creep into our lives?  At first, they may look pretty, seem harmless like that bright yellow flower, but if allowed to grow, what was once pretty, totally changes and is full of seed that can take root in almost any ground.  One puff of wind can spread seed into other areas of our life, or other peoples lives, and the next thing you know, your lawn is full of them.   You can mow over a dandelion all you want cutting them down, but until you get to the root, it will keep coming back, producing more blooms, producing more seed, spreading more weeds. 

What are some dandelions in your life and how deep are you willing to dig to get to that root?

Royal Princes Daughter Of The King

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  1. Not in my yard.
    Their roots really are big and deep.


  2. What a beautiful illustration! The lack of response to the appearance of even one pretty little sin can allow a huge foothold to develop and grow over the landscape of our hearts and lives. We better dig deep while its small!

    For some reason, your devotion reminds me of a favorite quote from our pastor, "Sin will always take you farther than you wanted to go, make you stay longer than you wanted to stay, and make you pay more than you wanted to pay." Like those pesky dandelions, the more and the longer sin goes untreated - unconfessed and unaddressed -, the deeper those roots will take hold. Just look at my yard!


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