Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Testify Tuesday

I have been just about to burst waiting for this Testify Tuesday. I have a story to tell you that blessed my socks off! After you read my story, you might say what happened was mere coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe in Godincedences.

A couple of weeks ago, Todd, Brenna, and I went to eat lunch after church. We strolled into Burger King and sauntered toward to the counter as we looked at the menu. As he pondered what he wanted, I stepped a little behind Todd, as I normally do, and quietly told him what to order for Brenna, and then what to order for me. Mind you, there was no one behind me in line, and there is no way the person behind the counter could have heard what I told him because at this point the clerk was not even paying attention to us.

Here is what I told Todd:

“I want the dollar cheeseburger.
Mustard and pickles only.
And a Coke.
I sure would like a Frozen Coke, but it won’t wash my food down very well, so I guess just get me a Coke.”

You see, I was hinting to my husband in that wifely way we do, that I really wanted a Coke to drink and a Frozen Coke for a treat after we ate. I didn’t want to come out and ask for it, because you know how we girls are, if I tooold him, it wouldn’t have been as specialllllll. How many times have we fallen for that little romantic trap?!? Not too many years ago such an idea would have been sure to cause quite the fight when he didn’t pick up on my little “hint”, but I knew he probably wouldn’t order the Frozen Coke, so I didn’t have my heart set on it.

As he paid, Brenna and I filled our drinks, got the ketchup, etc. We all took our seats at the table with our little order number proudly displayed for the nice lady who would bring our tray. Only a few minutes past before she approached us with tray in hand, we passed out the food and all three began to open our wrappers and my husband says in quite a surprised tone, “What’s that?” as he noticed an extra glass on our tray.

I kinda snickered as I lifted the lid from the glass to find none other than, you guessed it,

I asked Todd if he ordered it for me and he assured me that he did not, wishing he could have gotten the brownie points. In my sassy little Royal Princess Daughter of the King voice, I said, “Well, I guess my OTHER Husband did!” as I giggled.

“Yeah, I guess SOMEBODY heard you!” Todd muttered, “I wish you would have asked for our meal to be paid for or for me a milkshake!”

It was a DELIGHTFUL Frozen Coke!

It’s the little things that remind me of how much my Heavely Father, my Heavenly Bridegroom loves me. He knows me better than I know myself!

Now – that’s one of the places I have seen Him recently, what’s been happening in your world with the Almighty?

Let’s Testify to His goodness on this Tuesday.

Royal Princess Daughter Of The King
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  1. The other night, me and Camillia were discussing the lack of encouragement that we experience at times. I told her that I was in an odd place, because of my job and wasn't seeing anything that has any eternal value at all. She mentioned and reminded me of 2-3 people that I have shared my passion for God with at work. She said she thought that God was using that.

    I somewhat agreed, but remained skeptical because I haven't seen anything to show that what I do made any kind of difference. (I'm glad God sees things differently than I do)

    Just a couple days after this conversation, I found out that one of the people I work with has been following my site, and what God is doing in my life, and it has challenged them this Christmas to re-think how they are giving.

    The next day I received an email at work from someone in our Florida office who said they heard all about what I do with fixing up computers free of charge. They mentioned they had family here and would be coming in for the Holidays, and asked if I could work on their computer.

    This exchange of emails led to an amazing conversation about what God was doing in their life, and how encouraged they were to hear what He was doing in mine. They said "God puts us in one another’s paths & it’s not always the people you would expect, is it?"

    Today I received another email from someone at work, saying that they checked on my site, and saw the "Giving Christmas Away" posts, and they gave me some ideas and suggestions for things that they thought would be cool to do.

    They went to eat at a restaurant last night and had the worst service imaginable. They remembered the post I wrote, and tipped the waitress $40. The waitress broke down crying and apologized for the bad service, and began to tell them about how their utilities had gotten shut off that day, and she was short $40 in order to have them turned back on.

    So I sit here today, amazed by His faithfulness. He knew how much I needed to be encouraged, and He is still continuing to show that whether I see it or not, people are watching. They are reading. They are doing.

    Encouraging others is something we should all be doing. There are days when we feel like we are fighting these daily battles alone. It's not part of His design for us to do life on our own.

    1 Thessalonians 5:11 says "Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing."

    God brought encouragement to me, in a way I wasn't expecting it, in a place I wasn't expecting it, at a time when I needed it the most, and He continues to encourage me today, reading through stories like yours.

    Seeing Him at work in the little details of our lives reminds me that God is a God of details. He wants in, on every aspect of our lives.


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